Best CBD Oil for Cats: Our Top 5 Picks

When it comes to pets, traditional medicine can be quite a pain to follow through with. It can go haywire very quickly. Basically, with cats, the normal analgesics may have the following effects.

  1. Make your cat feel very anxious all the time
  2. Give your cat fatigue
  3. If your cat is older, there might even be health complications
  4. Problems related to dizziness and loss of appetite

Compare this to CBD, which though it’s fairly new in the pet medicine market is usually

  • 100% natural
  • Helps with fighting fatigue
  • Makes your pet more active
  • Relieves mood issues

However, even normally, I can understand why pet owners choose CBD. It is a healthier option overall. Look, pets are like our children. They’re completely dependent on us, and it makes sense that we will choose something that makes them happy instead of wanting something that makes them feel tired. Hence, I have written this Best Cbd oil for cats guide to help you choose the best product for your cat. 

CBD for Cats: What’s the Research?

There is very little research.

However, there’s a lot of positive feedback that is going on here. So, whenever you go to a site in search of it, it’s likely you’ll see only positive reviews. This bolstered my confidence, but I was still not quite sold on the idea. This is what I found.

1. CBD can have a positive effect on inflammation and pain

So, on various chemical studies, CBD’s role as a pain-killer and a general inflammation reliever is well established.

2. Vets have recommended CBD for pets

This vet says that CBD can work wonders for pets and improve their quality of life a lot in cases of chronic illnesses.

3. People have called for more funding on CBD research

One of the best signs is that scientists have been trying to research these effects for quite some time. In fact, they have called on for investigation openly. They have got the funding too, and we are expecting results very soon!

See, the problem with CBD for pets remains that it is a taboo subject. However, stories like these and these exist. CBD companies and vets have tried very hard to make CBD so that it can be used for pets, and they have succeeded to a large degree.

Safety of CBD Oil for Cats

Aaron gave me the entire talk about how CBD might or might not work depending on the animal. He also told me a curious thing. He had talked to his vet about CBD for Rufus, and he had been told that safety was the biggest concern for any research that would go into CBD.

Now, THC is harmful to cats. There’s no debate about that! Kitties that eat marijuana plants react very badly to the THC.

However, the CBD we buy has THC below the legal limit, which amounts to almost nothing at all. So, there really shouldn’t be any concern!

In fact, vets have worked very hard to make CBD suitable for your pets, and you really shouldn’t be afraid that it would be harmful. Plus, there’s always the fact that hundreds, if not thousands of cats are benefiting off of CBD every single day.

That’s one statistic I can’t argue with!

Best CBD Oil for Cats: Top 3 Products

1. CBDpets CBD Oil

My choice is CBD Pet! When a company is completely dedicated to CBD care for pets, I am seriously impressed. With CBDPet, the other thing was how caring they were. I chatted with their representative for hours and pestered her with all kinds of questions, and I always received prompt replies.

In fact, once, their shipment got lost, and they sent another without asking any questions at all!

Standout features

  • Completely organic CBD products
  • 100 mg CBD in every bottle
  • Specially tailored for your pets
  • Legal in all the 50 states of U.S

How to use it?

I was giving her about 1 and a ½ dropper a day. Check your pet’s weight and add half a dropper for every ten pounds and you will be pretty much set.

What did I like?

Charlotte did not react to this immediately. However, she did begin eating more from the very day that I started giving her this. It took about a week for her to start walking around the house again. She was going back to her old ways.

Charlotte has always been playful. She goes about her day by bringing home some creepy-crawly from the lawn and playing with it for the rest of the day. As much as the roaches were frightening for me, seeing her do that again made me feel good.

Another thing I saw a huge improvement in was how she started sleeping well again. Though she has always been a quietly resting cat, she had lately taken to meowing through the night. The fact that a particular phase was gone was such a relief.


I think Charlotte had tried to get into the CBD oil bottle from CBDPet many times when I was away, and she works very hard to get some CBD by herself. And for me, that’s the best thumbs up I can give you guys.


2. CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture

CBDistillery was one of the favorite brands I tried on Charlotte. They had designed their pet food so that it was specifically easy-to-digest for our pets. Plus, it had more CBD than most of the products I was trying.

One thing Aaron had told me was to keep an eye out for lab tests. Here, the lab test is easy-to-find. Given how well it performed in the lab itself, I was eager to see if it would make me Charlotte feel much better.

Standout features

  • Hemp from the U.S
  • Completely organic
  • Extracted using the old press – easy-to-digest for pets
  • Extracted from industrial hemp – almost no THC

How to use it?

So, each dropper has about 10mg of CBD for a full dropper. Now, to make that work I took one and half droppers as a whole and went along with it. I administered it orally to Charlotte.

What did I like?

Charlotte purrs. It’s a thing of trust. If she walks onto your lap, lets you touch her and purrs, you can be sure that you have done something right. This was the first thing I noticed when I switched to CBDistillery.

The moment she would have it she would begin to purr. This was a good sign that your cat is super happy.

In about a week of use, she came and slept on my bed for one night. She had not done that since she was a kitten and I felt really good about that. Her anxiety and fatigue got a lot better, and she walked onto the streets for a while too.

What grabbed me though was how much she looked forward to having the oil each day. You could tell that this oil was working because Charlotte is usually not interested in food unless it is straight-up Tuna!


CBDistillery works very well, and their CBD Pet oil has been carefully picked out and processed, which, to be honest, is all you need.

3. Nuleaf Naturals Full-spectrum pet CBD Oil

This was the first full-spectrum oil I tried on Charlotte, and it is one of my favorites. Nuleaf is an amazing company overall, but what sold me on this product was how much care was taken into making this.

See, how full-spectrum works is that there’s a lot of added plant products. Now, this means it works like a charm because the plant products work together to give you a full experience. With Charlotte that said being able to run around again.

Plus, this came as a recommendation from another cat mom whose baby was dealing with the same problems that Charlotte was dealing with.

Standout features

  • Grown in Colorado, U.S.A
  • Full-spectrum- the total benefit of hemp!
  • Excellent customer service
  • Extracted from industrial hemp – little to no THC!

How to use

Nuleaf Naturals has an excellent user guideline in place. With Charlotte, I went along with four drops daily.

What I liked

Charlotte is a gem of a cat; she comes running to me whenever I feel down from work. Well, at least she used to. With all the fatigue and pain, it was difficult for her to move around, so she would meow in desperation.

After taking this medicine almost immediately, she began running around the house. It was as if she was a kitten again and I did not have to worry at all!

One of the best parts was that the whole thing was making her super happy. So, one day after I turned up home from work, incredibly tired, She just came and sat on my lap.

This had happened after months, and I may have sniffled just a little bit, but it was amazing.


This oil is made for pets and the people who care for them. The beautiful effect, though it might differ in your case, makes it a must recommend for me.

CBD Dosage for Cats?

So, when you go to the vet next, remember to take the weight of your pet.

Now, for therapeutic purposes, add 5 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds. This is a rule-of-thumb and works well.

On the other hand, please see the individual dosing charts of the companies as well. Rule-of-thumb, they probably know about their products more than me and you!

Disclaimer: I’ll be completely honest here, guys. I’m no doctor, and neither do I claim to be some sort of CBD guru who knows it all. All I do is talk about my experiences and hope at least some of you benefit from it. CBD treatment is no alternative to a vet. Please take your cat to a clinic if the problems are serious.

Conclusion: Do I recommend CBD oil for cats?

As I was writing this, Charlotte came to my feet and slept.

Having an aging cat is hard. They get a bunch of diseases that bring them. Your furballs become confined to the end of the rooms or simple corners, and that makes you feel like there’s nothing you can do even if you tried.

With the best CBD oil for cats, you can give them something that actively helps make their lives easier. Trust me; you need to try it yourself to find out for sure. Let me know if you do!