cbdMD Review

Hello everyone! This is Jenny, and I am back, to present you with yet another fabulous CBD review. That I love CBD products and make use of these extensively is no secret. I, and my family members comprising of my husband and two daughters and my pet dog and cat, all use CBD rather generously.

CBD keeps us in good health and in a good frame of mind all the time, so when I heard about the cbdMD products from a friend of mine, I felt quite inclined to try these out. As a regular user of CBD products, I knew very well that there would be no danger or side effects to suffer from when trying out a new CBD product. I was also quite eager to see what this new CBD brand had to offer. I tried it after reading the best cbd oil for anxiety article on thecannabisradar.com

Before I give you my detailed insights and thoughts on the cbdMD products I have used, let me give you some idea about the company and its operations.

About cbdMD

cbdMD Review

cbdMD is a US-based company that engages in the manufacture and distribution of high-quality hemp oil based CBD products. The CBD oils and topical products are made using organically grown hemp, with the hemp or CBD component being derived using Co2 extraction methods. cbdMD takes care not to compromise on the quality of its products and has all of its CBD oils, balms and vapes tested in third-party labs prior to being released in the market. Every care is taken to ensure that the cbdMd products are free from harmful chemicals like pesticides and herbicides and that these are safe for both human and animal consumption.

Some of the core features of the cbdMD products are as follows –

    • Vegan
    • Gluten free
    • Non-GMO
    • Grown and processed in the USA
    • Made from organically grown hemp
    • Third party lab tested
    • Suitable for people of all ages
    • Compatible with people of all skin type
    • No adverse side effects
    • Free shipping on orders within the USA
    • Thirty-day money back guarantee offer

cbdMD takes a good deal of pride in the quality of its products and is well poised towards becoming one of the leading producers of CBD products in the world. Without wasting any more time, let me now tell you my personal thoughts and views regarding the cbdMD products that my family and I have recently used.

#1. CBD Oil Tinctures

cbdMD Tincture Review
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Product Features

    • Available in a number of different flavors
    • Fully organic in composition
    • Comes in different concentrations, with the minimum being 300 mg and the maximum being 3000 mg
    • Nicely packaged in 30 ML and 60 ML bottles


Helps in reducing anxiety and inflammatory conditions Free from side effects Suitable for people of all ages Can be consumed before and after meals

How to Administer

The CBD Oil Tinctures by cbdMD can be administered with the help of a dropper. A few drops of the CBD oil must be placed over the tip of the tongue or right below it and allowed to remain like this for fifteen seconds or so. Thereafter, the oil drops have to be swallowed down. The CBD Oil Tincture drops should be consumed two to three times a day for a week or so, for best results.

What My Experience was Like

I heard about the CBD Oil Tinctures by cbdMD from my friend, Jennifer during a phone conversation, who decided to use some of this to rid her teen son of his anxiety. Her son, Michael, is a pretty bright kid and does rather well in school. Yet anxiety is something that he is prone with and panic attacks often come to haunt him, before or during school examinations. Jennifer told me about her decision to use CBD Oil Tinctures to help Michael combat his anxiety issues once and for all. She had read a lot about this brand online and wanted to give it a try. I couldn’t help but agree with her on the subject, given how widely I use CBD myself to keep most of my anxiety issues away. Using CBD products to stay fit and fine is something that I always advocate in front of my friends and family alike, so Jennifer’s decision to use CBD Oil Tinctures to help her son with anxiety definitely got my approval.

Jennifer let me know exactly a week after that, about how well the CBD Oil Tinctures by cbdMD were working for her son. Michael was administered two to three drops of CBD oil three times a day over six days, and his anxiety levels had reduced considerably. In fact, his anxiety vanished on the second day of using cbdMD oil tinctures, which goes to show how quickly it worked for him. I myself was quite taken aback after hearing about Michael’s experience in using CBD oil tinctures by cbdMD as I use CBD Oil Tinctures by other brands quite a lot myself, and none of them show results so readily as this one.

Jennifer also let me know how the CBD Oil Tinctures by cbdMD kept her son from experiencing adverse side effects like vomiting and nausea. He was able to experience the full benefits of the CBD Oil, without suffering from any pain or discomfort when trying this out. Michael today, is much more confident than what he used to be and is now able to remain calm, even in the most trying of situations.

#2. CBD Capsules

cbdMD Capsules Review
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Product Features

    • Completely organic and devoid of harmful chemicals
    • Packaged in bottles of 30 counts and 60 counts
    • Available in different concentrations, starting from 450 mg and going up to as much as 3000 mg
    • Suitable for people of all ages


    • Helps in combating stress and anxiety
    • Reduces pain, swelling, and inflammatory conditions
    • Assists in weight loss
    • No terrible side effects
    • Easy to digest

How to Administer

Administering the CBD capsules by cbdMD is quite easy to do so. All that needs to be done is to gulp down one capsule at a time, for three times in a day and for over a period of two to three weeks for best results. It is possible to consume the CBD capsules before as well as after meals and these can even be taken in the early hours of the morning on an empty stomach.

What My Experience was Like

My cousin Janice is a well-known tennis player in her locality and often represents her locality in tennis tournaments in Wisconsin, where she lives. Janice recently had a bad fall while playing a game of tennis, and let me know, in a phone conversation that I was having with her one weekend, that she intended on using CBD capsules by cbdMD to keep her pain levels down. Janice is not too fond of using antibiotics as these hamper with her physical well-being. She had heard a lot about the CBD Capsules by cbdMD and their ability to quickly dissolve pain, from a friend of hers at work, so she wanted to give these a try at the earliest.

I agreed with Janice’s decision to use CBD Capsules for pain relief and waited eagerly to know from her, how the cbdMD capsules had worked. Janice got back to me a couple of weeks later, in person and I could see for myself how fit and fine she was. There was no sign of pain or discomfort in her and she seemed as fit as a fiddle. Janice told me that the CBD Capsules by cbdMD started working wonders on her on the very first day of consuming these! She took three capsules a day for a period of fourteen days and her pain started to show signs of disappearing from the first day itself. The swelling that she suffered from as a result of her fall, was completely gone by the end of the first week of taking CBD Capsules, and by the end of two weeks, the pain of the fall was a distant memory for her.

I was so happy to hear about how quickly the CBD Capsules by cbdMD had worked for Janice. I am a huge proponent of all things CBD, and it amazes me to know about the quick turnaround time of this new brand. What is more, Janice let me know that she did not suffer from any additional pain or illness as a result of using the CBD capsules so regularly, and didn’t even experience the slightest bit of nausea, in spite of her being vulnerable to conditions like morning sickness.

#3. CBD Pain Relief Creams and Gel

cbdMD Pain Relief Gel Review
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Product Features

    • Available in different concentrations, starting from 300 mg and going up to 1500 mg
    • Well packaged in nicely designed airtight bottles
    • Has a nice odor
    • Free from chemicals


    • Has a soothing impact on the skin when used
    • Quickly reduces pain and inflammation and heals cuts and bruises
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Does not trigger rashes or allergies when used

How to Administer

Applying the CBD Gels and Creams by cbdMD is something that can be done in a smooth and hassle-free manner. A small amount of this cream or gel, be it a pain balm or a moisturizing lotion, needs to be applied over the painful parts of the body, two to three times daily. The application should be continued for a week or ten days for best results.

What My Experience was Like

My elder daughter recently had a pretty bad fall while trying to clean the attic, and suffered some terrible bruises and cuts on both her legs. My first reaction on seeing her in so much pain, was, of course, to make her use something related to CBD to make the pain go away quickly and easily. After hearing such positive things about the CBD products by cbdMD, I thought of buying the CBD Pain Relief Cream by cbdMD online, to see if it could prove to be of any good for my daughter. I applied the CBD pain relief cream over her cuts and bruises for as many as three to four times a day. I continued this application over a period of three weeks, and what I observed right at the outset, was the very soothing impact that the cream had on her when used.

My daughter did not complain of any burning sensation when the pain relief cream was applied on her cuts and bruises. She also let me know that the pain from her wounds had started to recede after the fourth application of the CBD pain relief cream. I was pretty impressed on hearing this, since it normally takes a day and a half or two, for CBD pain creams to show their results. After a week of using the CBD pain relief cream by cbdMD, my elder daughter was able to walk around quite comfortably again and even when out for a game of basketball at the start of the following week.

I could see that the CBD pain relief cream had no harmful impact on my elder daughter in any way. The cream did not cause her skin to itch or burn and it also did not trigger angry red rashes on her skin when applied. The texture of her skin was as smooth as ever, even after repeated applications of the CBD pain relief cream. The pain was gone from the very first day of applying this cream, giving my daughter the much-needed comfort and relief that she needed to recover successfully from her injuries.

#4. CBD Bath Bombs

cbdMd Bath Bombs Review
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Product Features

    • Available in signature packs and multipacks
    • Meant for topical application only
    • Entirely organic in composition
    • Tested in third-party labs
    • Suitable for people of all ages


    • Lovely odor
    • Helps in bringing down stress levels considerably
    • Induces a sense of calmness when applied
    • Compatible with all skin types

How to Administer

The CBD Bath Bombs as the name suggests, need to be applied at the time of taking a bath. A few drops of the CBD Bath gel must be applied over the body at the time of bathing when using it initially, and the concentration can be increased with every passing day. The CBD Bath Bombs must be used consistently over three to four weeks for best results.

What My Experience was Like

I read about the CBD Bath Bombs by cbdMD online, when doing my usual research on the different CBD products in the market and their benefits. What caught my attention about this particular product was that it was a bath product, and could be used in much the same way as a shower gel or bath oil. Since I used CBD products for stress and anxiety control quite a bit, I thought of buying the CBD Bath Bombs to see how well these would work for me, and also how well these could possibly make me feel.

I used the CBD Bath Bomb oil at the time of taking a morning shower one day. The water was lukewarm, and I applied a few drops of this oil over my body, and rubbed all over, in the same way, that would use soap or a shower gel. The smell was exquisite and I felt an immediate sense of calmness take over my body as I used this shower oil, so rich in CBD. My bathing experience was a refreshed and comfortable one and as I stepped out of the shower I felt like a new person. The entire day was spent in tranquility and I continued using this shower oil for the next three weeks, as I was ecstatic about the amazing sense of peace and calm that it generated for me. My anxiety and stress levels had come down on the first day of using the CBD Bath Bombs, and after three weeks, I didn’t even know what stress was.

The CBD Bath Bombs turned out to be really good for my skin too, which has become softer and smoother after using it. I also did not experience any terrible side effects like pain or rashes after using the CBD Bath Bombs and continue to use it on a regular basis, largely because of the fabulously calm effect that it has on my physical and mental being.

#5. CBD Oil for Animals

cbdMD Tincture for Dogs Review
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Product Features

    • Made of pure organically grown hemp
    • Free from herbicides and pesticides
    • Suitable for all types of animals, especially cats and dogs
    • Comes in the bottled form


    • Can induce calmness and bring down stress levels in pets in an instant
    • Perfect for reducing anxiety in pets who find themselves in an unfamiliar environment
    • No terrible side effects

How to Administer

The CBD oil for Animals by cbdMD can be administered with the help of a dropper. Two to three drops of this CBD oil must be added to pet food, even milk if necessary and the dosage must be continued over three to four weeks for best results.

What My Experience was Like

I recently went to visit my mother for a couple of weeks in New York and took my pet dog Lysander with me for the visit. My mother lives in an urban apartment in downtown New York. It’s pretty small in size and does not give more than two people much room to breathe. I house I reside in with my family, is situated in the suburbs, so there is plenty of space for Lysander to move around. He felt pretty cramped and short of breath for the first few days of our visit to New York and would bark furiously for hours in the mornings while whimpering a good deal in the night. My concern about his plight drove me to read up on the best CBD product that I could use on him to help him out in this unique situation.

After researching online quite extensively, I came to know about the CBD Oil for Animals by cbdMD. I read about how well it works for pets in unfamiliar environments and decided to try it out immediately on Lysander. I made him have it with his meals two times a day for over a couple of days, and soon I noticed a significant change in his demeanor. Lysander had stopped barking as furiously as he had been doing so when we initially arrived in New York. After using the CBD Oil for Animals for a couple of days, his stress levels had abated and he would often retreat to cozy corners of the apartment to take a snooze.

By the end of the first week of our visit, Lysander had become calmer and much more accepting of his new environment. He didn’t even hesitate to be hand fed by my mother at times! I also didn’t see Lysander suffering from adverse side effects like vomiting, stomach cramps or nausea after I made him use CBD Oil for Animals. His general health was intact and his mood improved considerably.

How to buy cbdMD Products

The CBD oil products manufactured and sold by cbdMD can be bought online on the official website of the company www.cbdMD.com. Customers will come across an extensive range of products to choose from at different prices, all of which are well packaged in solid, airtight customers and are usually shipped to customer homes for free.

Final Thoughts

The cbdMD products that I have used and which I have seen my family and friends use are unique in a number of different ways. The cbdMD products have a quick turnaround time, displaying positive results within a few hours to a few days of being used. There are no terrible side effects associated with any cbdMD product and these are also made available in novel forms like bath oil, shower gels, and pain gels, among others. The cbdMD products have worked wonders for me and my family, and I would recommend their use to anyone who is in dire need of combating pain, stress, and anxiety.