CBDPure Review

Hello everyone, this is Jenny, and I am back once again with a fascinating CBD product review. As all of you know well enough by now, reviewing CBD products is a passion of mine, primarily due to the amazing benefits that I and my family members have experienced upon using CBD oil. Just about everyone in my family, starting with my husband, myself, my two daughters and also my pet dog Lysander, all take CBD to stay in good health all through the year. So when I heard about CBD Pure from a friend of mine, I felt inclined to try it out and see what good it could do for us all. Before I provide you with my personal insights about CBD Pure and how well it works, let me give you a brief idea about the company.

About CBD Pure

cbdpure review

CBD Pure is a company that engages in the production of high-quality hemp oil using advanced CO2 extraction methods. The hemp extracts are derived from hemp plants that are grown organically in Colorado. Each and every batch of hemp oil is tested in a third-party laboratory prior to being released in the market. CBD Pure takes care to make sure that its hemp oil products are entirely devoid of chemicals and that these are safe for both human and animal consumption. Strict quality protocols and stringent manufacturing guidelines are followed by the company for the production of hemp oil. The certified laboratory reports and test results for all the batches of hemp oil that undergo third-party testing can preserved, and can be produced upon request.

Some of the core features of the hemp oil products manufactured by CBD Pure are as follows –

  • 100% organic in nature
  • Safe and legal to use
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Safe for human and animal consumption
  • Free from side effects

CBD Pure is a company that takes immense pride and joy in the high quality of CBD products that it makes available to its customers. Without any further ado, let me now give you my detailed insights about how effective CBD Pure hemp oil can be as a product.

CBD Hemp Oil

Product Features

  • Extracted from organically grown hemp
  • Available in three different concentrations of 100 mg, 300 mg and 600 mg
  • Free from harmful chemicals like herbicides and pesticides
  • Low levels of THC
  • Comes in bottled form


  • Non psychoactive
  • Free from side effects
  • Safe for human and animal consumption
  • Helps in combating muscle pain, in reducing inflammation and in inducing relaxation

How to Administer

Administering the CBD Pure help oil can be done with the help of the dropper that accompanies this product at the time of its purchase. A few drops of this CBD oil must be added above the tongue, on the tip, or below the tongue and left like that for fifteen seconds or so. Thereafter it has to be swallowed down. CBD Pure hemp oil should be consumed three times in a day over a six-day period for best results.

My Experience

My friend Jennifer was the first person to recommend that I use CBD Pure hemp oil, during a get together one weekend. Jennifer was talking about how CBD Pure hemp oil had worked wonders in getting her son to feel de-stressed. According to Jennifer, her son Michael, who is otherwise prone to severe hypertension, calmed down considerable after being administered with CBD Pure hemp oil for a week. He is now able to focus much better on his school-work and concentration is not as much of a problem for him as it used to be before.

After hearing Jennifer talk so positively about CBD Pure hemp oil, I decided to try it out personally on myself, given how fond I am of using CBD oil products in any shape and form. Getting stressed is something that I am prone to myself. This is why I often take recourse to the use of CBD, since it helps me relax and unwind. I dosed on a few drops f the CBD Pure Hemp Oil of 300 mg concentration, for two days in a row, and noticed some immediate effects on the very first day of dosage. Immediately after taking a bit of the CBD Pure hemp oil, my body experienced a sense of relaxation that lulled me into a deep sense of comfort. The anxiety that I had been experiencing in the earlier part of the day gave way to calmness. I took a few deep breaths and felt my body go all light and tranquil.

I continued dosing on CBD Pure hemp oil for another three days, and by the end of the fifth day of dosage, I was far more relaxed and balanced, than I had been for quite some time. Taking CBD Oil products for relaxation and comfort is not something new for me, but what struck me when it came to using CBD Pure hemp oil is how quickly the product was able to calm my nerves. I also did not suffer from any uneasiness or discomfort after taking CBD Pure hemp oil over a period of five days. It certainly did not induce any adverse side effects in me and only helped in making my stress disappear completely.

CBD Pure Soft Gels

Product Features

  • Available in a concentration of 750 mg
  • Packaged in bottled form with each bottle comprising of soft ball like capsules
  • Must be taken orally
  • Made from high quality and organically grown hemp extracts


  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Does not induce adverse side effects
  • Works quickly to reduce rheumatic aches and pains while calming the nerves at the same time
  • Non-psychoactive in nature

How to Administer

The CBD Pure soft gels need to be gulped down with a glass of water. One capsule of CBD Pure soft gels must be taken at a time, and ideally, three to four capsules should be taken in a day, and over a period of seven days for best results. The capsules can be taken both before as well as after meals.

My Experience

Those of you who have been reading for blog for some time now, will be well aware of the fact that my husband suffers from severe bouts of rheumatism, and quite frequently. We have been at a loss now, my daughters and I, as to how to treat his condition clinically, but have been giving him the relief that he needs with the help of CBD oil products. Before I tried out CBD Pure hemp oil for myself, I did some background research on this product online, realizing that it was also available in the form of soft gels that were easy to consume. Reading about the soft gels cheered up a bit, as my husband has lately grown quite fussy as far as using a dropper is concerned, not wanting to be patient and lie still while CBD oil drops are administered underneath his tongue. I realized that he would respond more positively to soft gels and decided to buy and try it out on him.

After taking the CBD Oil soft gels three times in a day on the very first day, I could see an improvement in my husband’s rheumatic conditions. His pain had reduced considerably, and he was able to walk around the house instead of lying tight on the bed. While I have been treating his rheumatism for over a considerable length of time now using CBD Oil, this was the first time I saw a CBD product work its magic so quickly on him. He also dosed on the CBD soft gels more willingly as the procedure did not seem as uncomfortable to him as that of taking CBD oil with the help of a dropper. Towards the end of the week, he seemed like a different person altogether, moving around the house with quick agile movements.

I also noticed the complete absence of side effects after administering CBD Oil soft gels on my husband. He did not complain about nausea, chest pain or vomiting and there was no problem with his bowel movements either. Instead, he was in the pink of health after dosing continuously on CBD oil soft gels over six days.

CBD Pure for Pets

Product Features

  • Grown organically
  • Tested in third party laboratories
  • Derived using CO2 extraction methods
  • Easy to administer


  • Free from harmful chemicals like pesticides
  • Hundred percent organic in nature
  • Easy to digest for pets
  • Free from adverse side effects
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Works quickly to reduce inflammatory conditions, muscle and joint pain and relieves stress

How to Administer

CBD Pure for Pets is one of the easiest products to administer. All that needs to be done is to add a few drops of this oil to pet food and allow the pet to consume it. The oil can also be administered on the pets tongue using a dropper. The CBD Pure Oil for Pets must be administered at least three to four times in a day, over four or five days for best results.

My Experience

Lysander, my pet dog, is frequently prone to muscle pain, and the problem seems to be increasing with every passing day. This is because Lysander is getting older day by day and I dose him with CBD oil very frequently to keep him free from pain. After reading about the fact that CBD Pure offers a special hemp oil product for pain and stress relief that is meant exclusively for consumption by pets, I decided to go ahead and buy one for Lysander to see how well it could work for him. After adding a few drops of this oil to Lysander’s food, I decided to see if there were any changes I could witness in him. There were none. Then after the third dose that day, there appeared to be a remarkable improvement. Lysander was no longer panting as often as he does due to his muscle pain, and was quieter in his movements around the house.

I continued the CBD dose on Lysander for the next four days, and after a week, Lysander seemed all young and fit. The CBD Pure oil for pets had worked wonders on him. It had managed to relieve him completely of stress and strain and had given him the relief that he needs from acute muscle pain. I was happy to see that the oil had worked well for him, and that too so quickly, given that the other CBD Oil products that I have dosed him with took at least a week or so to show effective results.

I was also happy to note that the CBD Pure oil for pets did not induce terrible side effects in Lysander, even after he was dosed with it continuously. Lysander did not show any signs of discomfort after consuming this CBD Oil with his food and I also did not see him puke it out. This made me truly glad, given that I am very sensitive about Lysander and his health and I don’t ever like to see him groan and moan in pain, let alone suffer from conditions like nausea and vomiting.

Final Thoughts

What my personal experience of using CBD Pure oil tells me is that it is definitely one of the best products in the market, owing to the fact that it is able to display effective results in quick span of time. I saw the CBD Pure hemp oil work its magic on my husband, myself and my pet dog Lysander in the shortest span of time, and I cannot say the same for the other CBD oil products that I have used until date. Also, the fact that this is a CBD product that is entirely free of side effects makes me want to use it as and when I need to, even if just to stay fit and healthy throughout the year.

How to Buy CBD Pure Products

The CBD Pure hemp oil can be bought from the official website of the company www.CBDPure.com. The CBD Pure hemp oil for pets can be bought from www.GetCBDPet.com Customers can benefit from frequent discounts and rebates on both products when buying them online from the official sites