CBGenius Review

Hello everyone! This is Jenny, and I am here to talk about another wonderful and brand new CBD brand in the market, CB Genius. My love for CBD knows no bounds, given the amazing miracles that CBD has managed to send my way, and for my friends and family too. I use CBD for just about anything, be it pain relief, anxiety reduction, joint pain cure etc. So when my friend Sharon suggested that I try and use CB Genius for staying fit and healthy always, I quickly took up on her offer. I did some background research on the company online and tried out a few of its products on myself and my family members. Before I let you know my personal experience of using CB Genius Oils and Tinctures, let me give you some idea about the company and its workings.

About CBGenius

cbgenius review

CB Genius is a US-based company that is committed to the production of high-quality CBD oils, tinctures, creams and pet food. CB Genius strongly believes that CBD products have a hugely therapeutic value and that these can be used to cure depression and mental agony in addition to providing pain relief and boosting overall health in general. CB Genius produces CBD oils using organically grown hemp. As a result, the products manufactured by CB Genius are completely free of dangerous chemicals and are safe for both human and animal consumption. CB Genius makes use of the C02 extraction method to derive CBD from the hemp plant. Its CBD products are low in THC level and are therefore not addictive in nature.

Some of the core features of the CB Genius Products are as follows

  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Derived from hemp plants that are organically grown
  • Low THC Component
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Does not trigger adverse side effects

CB Genius makes every effort needed to ensure that its CBD oils and tinctures and other CBD related products are of the best quality and that these do their users the maximum good in the shortest period of time. Without wasting any more time, let me provide you with some detailed insights about my own use of CB genius oils, tinctures and pet food.

#1. Lemon Mint CBD Oil


CBGenius CBD Oil Review
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Product Features

  • Available in the lemon mint flavor
  • Derived from organically grown hemp
  • Does not contain THC
  • Available in concentrations of 375 mg a bottle


  • Provides instant relief from aches and pains
  • Boosts immunity and reduces stress
  • Keeps anxiety away
  • Non-psychoactive
  • No side effects

How to Administer

The Lemon Mint CBD Oil by CB Genius needs to be administered with the help of a dropper. The best way to consume this would be to add two or three drops of this oil over the tongue or below it and let it remain like that for a few seconds and then swallowed. Ideally, the Lemon Mint CBD Oil should be consumed four times a day for over three to four days, for effective results.

What My Experience was Like

My husband is a regular victim of rheumatism and for those of you who have been reading my blog for sometime now, know that I treat his condition with CBD oil on a regular basis. After doing some research on the CB Genius oil tinctures online, I decided to buy this and treat my husband’s rheumatism with it. I believed that the lemon tint flavor of the oil would soothe my husband considerably, keeping his moods up while controlling his pain at the same time. I did not waste any time at all in getting my hands on this CBD oil and administered this on my husband over a period of five days.

On the very first day of administering this oil, my husband talked about being in a better frame of mind. While this is normally the case when I use other CBD oils on him as well, this time around he felt a little different. He told me he loved the smell of the oil and that it helped in lifting his spirits considerably, given how depressed he remains because of his rheumatism for the most part. I was happy to hear this but was also concerned that the oil should work well enough for this aches and pains. After the third day of using the Lemon Mint CBD oil by CBGenius, my husband told me his body pain was well under control. The other CBD products that I have been using for the same purpose normally take at least six days to show full results. Hence the quick turnaround time of the CBD Oil by CB Genius made me very happy indeed!

Although my husband’s physical constitution is not too fragile, he is not immune to side effects. Yet after using the Lemon Mint CBD Oil by CB Genius, there were no adverse side effects that I could detect in him. His health was fine, his mood was far better than it usually is, his pain was controlled quicker than ever before and he was smiling more often than he usually does!

#2. CBD Lotion

CBGenius CBD Lotion Review
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Product Features

  • Made of top quality hemp oil derived from organically grown hemp
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals like pesticides
  • Low in THC levels
  • Packaged in small, round shaped containers


  • Has a soothing impact on the skin when used
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Gives instant relief from conditions like skin blemishes and arthritis

How to Administer

The CBD Lotion by CB Genius can be administered by applying a small portion of this lotion over the painful parts of the body. The lotion needs to be rubbed over the painful parts as gently as possible for three to six times in a day for over a period of four or five days. The lotion is not too greasy and does not have to be rinsed off or wiped off after being administered.

What My Experience was Like

My younger daughter has very sensitive skin, and her skin breaks out in rashes very frequently. I normally used CBD products like ointments and creams to give her the relief that she needs, and while these don’t have side effects, the time taken for the rashes to recede is usually four to five days. When I read online about the CBD lotion by CB Genius being one that was capable of reducing skin blemishes in an instant, I felt eager to try this out on my daughter. Her skin problems are of a recurrent nature and keep popping up every now and then.

True enough, a few weeks ago, after returning home from school, my daughter complained about skin eruptions on her left hand. I saw the rashes for myself and they were red and angry. I applied a small amount of the CBD lotion by CB genius over her skin for three times that day and continued the topical application for over the next four days. My daughter did not complain about any itching or burning sensation as I applied the lotion on her rashes. Instead, she let me know that the feeling was nice and had helped in bringing her itching levels down considerably.

After four days, the rashes had receded completely and her skin was almost free of blemishes. Excited by how well the CBD lotion had worked for my daughter and so quickly at that, I continued to apply this lotion over the affected areas of her left hand, for a few more days. The skin was entirely free of blemishes by the end of ten days and it looked clean and beautiful.

What made me particularly happy about using the CBD Lotion by CB Genius was the fact that it does not hurt my daughter’s skin when applied. It had a soothing and gentle impact on her skin and gave her the relief that she needed in order to go about her day to day activities and school work without feeling the need to scratch her hand constantly.

#3. Lemon Mint CBD Oil Tincture

CBGenius CBD Oil
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Product Features

  • Organically grown and free from chemicals
  • Packaged in 750 mg bottles
  • Suitable for people of every age group
  • Non-psychoactive in nature


  • Gives quick relief from painful skin conditions and joint pain
  • Helps in anxiety reduction
  • Assists in keeping stress levels under control
  • No side effects
  • Not addictive

How to Administer

The Lemon Mint CBD Oil by CB Genius has to be administered using a dropper. Since this product comes in a concentration of 750 mg, it more powerful than the Lemon Mint CBD Oil of 375 mg. It, therefore, needs to be applied over the tip of the tongue or below the tongue by a few drops only, twice a day and swallowed. The Lemon Mint CBD Oil should be consumed over four to six days at a stretch for best results.

What My Experience was Like

Freedom from aches and pains is something that we all desire, as pain bogs us down, hurts us and keeps us from being as useful or productive as we could be. Like my husband, I too suffer from joint pains a lot and I use CBD products every now and then to treat this problem. I had used the Lemon Mint CBD oil of 375 mg concentration to treat my husband’s rheumatism and I had seen it work wonders for him. After reading about the Lemon Mint CBD Oil being available in 750 mg concentration as well, I felt eager to try this out. I was on the lookout for something that was really powerful and effective and which would help to keep my pain in check, even as I performed the most rigorous of household chores.

I consumed the Lemon Mint CBD Oil of 750 mg for a period of six days at a stretch. The liquid felt a little tasteless as I placed a few drops of it over my tongue with the help of a dropper. Yet as soon as I gulped it down, I was overcome with a sense of relief and calmness in just a few seconds. After a few hours since the first dose, the pain in my body began to gradually subside. On the second day of dosage I was able to move around the house more comfortable than the previous day and by the third day, my pain was completely gone. Like my husband, I too was relieved of my joint pains in just a span of three days, while other CBD products took at least six or seven days to work well.

Side effects were also not a problem for me after using the Lemon Mint CBD oil – 750 mg for pain relief. There was no feeling of nausea that bogged me down and I did not feel inclined to vomit even once. Instead, I felt chirpy and bright and was able to get my household chores done with gusto, much to the surprise of both my daughters who had never seen me act so energetically around the house before.

#4. CBD Oil for Pets

CBGenius for Pets Review
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Product Features

  • High-quality CBD oil derived from organically grown hemp
  • Comes in the bottled form
  • Safe for consumption by dogs and cats
  • Free from dangerous chemicals


  • Cures stress and anxiety for pets in new environments
  • Gives instant pain relief for joints and muscles
  • Boosts immunity in pets
  • Does not bring on terrible side effects when used
  • How to Administer

How to Administer

Administering the CBD Oil for Pets by CB Genius is relatively easy to do. A few drops of the oil should be added to pet food two to three times a day, with two to four drops of the oil being added into the food at a time. Pets should be administered the CBD oil over five to eight days at a stretch for best results.

What My Experience was Like

I make no secret about the fact that my pet dog Lysander is getting really old and suffers from muscle pain and joint pain, often as much as my husband and I do. Of late, he had difficulty in mobility around the house. I use a wide range of CBD products to keep his pain down and his energy levels high. After reading about the CBD Oil for Pets by CB Genius online, I decided to give this a try, since it claimed to show results very quickly. I added a few drops of this oil to Lysander’s food like I usually do with other CBD oils that I use. After the second dose of the day, Lysander seemed a little more agile than before and was barking and wagging his tail furiously. I figured that the CBD oil was working its magic already and continued to dose Lysander with this oil over the next few days.

After the second day of dosage, Lysander was not panting and groaning as much as he normally does and was moving around the house with a skip in his step. My husband and daughter noticed the change in Lysander’s behavior too and were happily surprised, given that it takes quite a while for even CBD oil tinctures to make him so lively around the house. It seemed that the CBD Oil for Pets by CB Genius had worked remarkably well for Lysander and had given him the relief and the energy to be active once again, within just two days of its application.

When it comes to side effects, I did not see Lysander suffering from any at all. His appetite was unaffected by the CBD Oil dosage and he was in the mood to go out for a walk every morning and every evening, even without being encouraged to do so. Lysander was clearly handling his pain much better with the CBD Oil by CB Genius, giving me full faith in the product and its effectiveness.

How to Buy CBD Oil Products by CBGenius

The CBD Oil Tinctures, CBD Lotion and CBD Oil for Pets by CB Genius can be procured from the official website of the company at www.CBGenius.net. Prices are fairly affordable and cater to customers from diverse economic backgrounds.

Final Thoughts

The fantastic results that the CBD oil products by CB Genius have shown for me, my family members and even my pet dog Lysander, makes me conclude that this is one of the finest CBD brands in the market today. What makes CBD oil products by CB Genius really worth using is the fact that it can show its results within a very quick span of time. There are also no side effects associated with the use of CBD Oil by CB Genius and it is easily compatible with people and pets across generations.