Fab CBD Review

Hello everyone. This is a Jenny, and I am here to present you with another wonderful review of a remarkable CBD product, Fab CBD. Using CBD oil products, and reading and writing about them are things that are very close to my heart. My family members and I make extensive use of CBD oil for pain relief and stress relief. We are always willing to try out new CBD products that make their way into the market. When my sister Marissa excitedly mentioned Fab CBD to me over a phone conversation that I was having with her one-day, I was immediately inspired to go to the market, buy it and try it out. Before I tell you what my experience of using Fab CBD oil has been like, let me give you a little idea about the company and its operations.

About Fab CBD

Fab CBD is a company that engages in the manufacture of full spectrum CBD oil that is made from high quality hemp extracts. The hemp extracts are derived from organically grown hemp plans in Colorado, with the CO2 extraction method being used for this purpose. State of the art growing methods and cloning equipment are used by the company to produce high-quality CBD at all times of the year. The hemp oil products that are manufactured by Fab CBD are sent for third-party testing prior to launching these in the market for sale. Third party testing is done to ensure that only the best quality CBD oil is made available for purchase by customers.

Some of the core features of Fab CBD Oil Products are as follows –

  • The oil is derived from organically grown high quality hemp
  • The oil has low THC levels is therefore non psychoactive in nature
  • The oil is free from harmful chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides
  • The CBD oil does not induce adverse side effects when used
  • The CBD oil gives quick relief from painful conditions such as muscle pain and inflammation

Fab CBD takes a good deal of pride in the quality and standard of CBD oil products that it makes available for public consumption. Without wasting any more time, let me now give you my personal views and thoughts about Fab CBD oil and its effectiveness.

Fab CBD Oil Drops

Product Features

  • 100% organic in nature
  • Grown using state of the art cloning equipment
  • Derived using CO2 extraction methods
  • Free from dangerous chemicals
  • Full spectrum


  • Non psychoactive
  • Free from adverse side effects
  • Can be administered with ease
  • Gives immediate relief from arthritic pain and inflammation
  • Reduces stress

How to Administer

Administering the CBD oil drops by Fab CBD is not a very difficult thing to do. The oil can be administered with the help of a dropper. A few drops of the CBD oil must be added over the tip of the tongue or right below the tongue and then left there for fifteen to sixteen seconds. After that, the oil can be gulped down. The CBD oil drops by Fab CBD need to be administered for four to six days in a week at a stretch for effective results.

My Experience

While using CBD oil is something that is quite common for me, I was instantly intrigued by Fab CBD when I heard it about it from my sister Marissa over the phone. Marissa’s husband suffers from very painful arthritic conditions, in the same way that my husband does. Marissa’s husband has tried physiotherapy and it has not worked for him in the least. He is also sensitive to various types of pain medication. Marissa had until recently been at a loss as to what to in order to give him relief. I had suggested that she try using CBD products for pain relief and upon hearing my advice she decided to read about CBD online and do some background research. It was then that she came to know about Fab CBD and its amazing benefits.

Marissa dosed her husband with CBD oil drops by Fab CBD for five days at a stretch, and for three times in a day. After the first two days, she saw a distinct improvement in her husband’s condition. Marissa told me that after two days of being dosed with CBD oil drops by Fab CBD, her husband was no longer in pain and was walking about the house like a normal person. After the fourth day of dosage, Marissa tells me that her husband, Stephen, no longer complained of even the slightest pain and was even able to venture out of the house for his morning and evening walks, something that he had not been able to do in a long span of time.

In addition to working so well for Stephen’s arthritic condition, Marissa tells me that she also saw her husband remain relatively free from side effects. He was given three doses of CBD oil drops by Fab CBD three times in a day for as many as five days, and did not complain about any nausea or vomiting or even digestive issues while the treatment was on. Stephen was thus able to experience the benefits of using Fab CBD oil drops without experiencing any undesirable side effects, something that speaks very positively about the Fab CBD oil drops as a product.

Fab CBD Topical Ointment

Product Features

  • Fully organic in composition
  • Free from any chemical element
  • Low THC levels
  • Comes in a container of 600 gm
  • Easy to apply


  • Has a soothing impact on the skin when used
  • Gives relief from joint aches and painful muscles
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Does not generate adverse side effects like skin eruptions
  • Suitable for people having sensitive skin or combination skin

How to Administer

The Fab CBD Topical Ointment needs to be applied in the same way that other topical products are applied. A small amount of this cream must be rubbed over the painful parts of the body. The cream needs to be applied for three to four times in a day for seven to eight days for best results. The dosage can be the same even for people who have sensitive or problematic skin.

My Experience

Joint aches and pains are known to plague me quite frequently, and I am often unable to move around and do my household chores properly as a result of this. After hearing about Fab CBD oil products from my sister Marissa and after reading up on the product online myself, I decided to buy the Fab CBD topical ointment and see what good this could do for my joint aches and pains. It is no secret that I use CBD oil products quite regularly in order to keep my muscle pain in check. Yet what caught my interest about Fab CBD Topical Ointment was the fact that it was supposed to have a soothing impact on the skin when applied, while working to reduce pain and inflammation at the same time. I knew that the product could not hurt me if I used it, so I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

I applied the Fab CBD Topical Ointment over the painful parts of my leg joints and hips for four times in a day and over a period of six days. I experienced pain relief on the very first day of application, after applying the ointment for the third time in the day. It slowly seemed that my pain had started to disappear and within a few hours, I was able to walk about more quickly and without groaning even the slightest bit. By the next morning, I was able to perform my household chores with a smile on my face, and by the end of the week, I began to forget all about what joint pain was.

What really pleased me about the Fab CBD Topical Ointment that I used was the fact that it felt so good on my skin upon application. I felt the same way that I do when applying cold cream in the season of winter. My skin felt well nourished and moisturized, something that does not happen very commonly when using topical products for pain relief, even CBD products. My skin condition remained absolutely intact, in spite of me using the topical CBD ointment quite frequently, over six days, and did not break out in rashes and allergies that cause discomfort.

Fab CBD Chews

Product Features

  • Available in concentrations of 25 mg in every chew
  • Fully organic in nature
  • Unique flavors
  • Free from chemicals
  • Low THC
  • Vegan


  • Non-Psychoactive
  • Delicious
  • Suitable for people of all ages
  • Free from adverse side effects

How to Administer

Administering the Fab CBD Chews is relatively easy to do as one has to simply chew on it just as one would chew on candy. The Fab CBD Chews can be consumed both before meals as well as after meals and ought to be dosed on for three to four times in a day, and over a period of six days for best results. The chews need to be sucked on inside the mouth for as long as possible, in the same way that one sucks on candy, in order to derive the full benefits of the hemp oil concentration in these chews.

My Experience

Staying free from stress is something that we all attempt to do in our daily lives, but for some of us it is harder than it is for others. My younger daughter is prone to a lot of stress and strain, largely because of the responsibilities that are imposed upon her at school. She often tends to break down under the pressure of work, in which event I try and use the best CBD oil products in the market to give her the relief and the comfort that she needs. After reading about the stress relief effects associated with Fab CBD Chews, I decided to buy it and try it out on my younger daughter.

While we all use CBD oil products at home very often, my younger daughter has become a tad bit resistant to the use of CBD oil drops, primarily because of the sour taste that it leaves in her mouth upon application. It was this dislike or discomfort as you may call it that prompted me to consider dosing her with Fab CBD Chews, for providing her with the stress relief that she so desperately needed. After dosing my younger daughter on Fab CBD Chews for four times in a day and over a period of five days, I witnessed her feeling and behaving in a calmer manner than she usually does. She would return home from school and not cry about how bad her day was, and would quietly instead focus on getting her tasks completed.

At the end of one week, my younger daughter was no longer the nervous wreck that she was prior to being dosed. Her health was in good shape. She was relaxed, calm and at peace with everything that was happening at home as well as in school. She did not suffer from stress or pressure any longer and was willing to accept challenges as these came her way. I noticed also how apart from curing her of stress and strain, the Fab CBD Chews had also failed to trigger any side effects in my younger daughter. She did not feel the urge to vomit. Neither did she complain about stomach pain. Fab CBD Chews had thus worked quite brilliantly for her.

Final Thoughts

What I can safely conclude upon using the Fab CBD products is the fact that these produce instant and effective results. I saw my younger daughter’s stress and strain get cured very quickly, my joint aches and pains were considerably reduced and that too after applying the Fab CBD topical ointment only for a few times, and my brother in law’s rheumatism pains were brought down by a considerable extent by using Fab CBD oil. The fabulous impact that Fab CBD Oil products have had on me and on those close to me makes me want to recommend its use at all times of the year for ailments like stress, anxiety and muscle pain.

How to Buy Fab CBD Products

The Fab CBD Oil products can be bought from the official website of the company www.FabCBD.com. Customers can expect to avail excellent deals and discounts for CBD oil purchase, with a minimum discount of ten percent being provided to all customers.