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Hello, I am Hanna, Jenny’s friend. I have been using King Kanine’s King Kalm CBD products for my pet.

Now I have never had a chance to review any product but here is my very first try, King Kanine Review. My 12-year-old Labrador Lizzy has been suffering from swelling and pain in her joints. She gets very anxious when I am about to leave her and go to work or when she hears loud sounds like thunder or honking.

Having suffered from chronic joint pain and panic attacks, and using CBD Oil to cure them both, I started looking for CBD based products for pets. I tried King Kalm CBD products for her and the results were encouraging. Lizzy’s condition has been improving significantly and she is slowly becoming the Lizzy she was when we first got her. I did my research and found that just like us, our pets to have an endocannabinoid system (ECS).

About King Kanine

King Kanine has introduced King Kalm CBD Products for pets. Their first product was the KING KOMB which was created by them to help with the shedding of their Great Dane. Being Dog owners, they test all their products first on their Dogs first. Here are in-depth reviews of King Kanine’s products.

#1. King Kanine’s King Kalm CBD Oil

King Kanine Review
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Product Features

  • King Kalm CBD is made from naturally occurring phytocannabinoid rich oil.
  • It is suspended in Krill oil that contains Omega 3 and has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • The CBD Oil comes with 3 dosage strengths, 75 mg, 150 mg, 300 mg each with 2 oral syringes.
  • The Oil is made in a certified ISO -17025  lab
  • Induces a sense of relaxation and tranquility in pets
  • Reduces anxiety in pets and keeps them calm in unfamiliar or alarming situations
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Does not trigger terrible side effects
  • Free from chemical ingredients that are harmful, like pesticides and herbicides

How to Administer

The King Kalm CBD Oil needs to be applied using a dropper. A few drops of this CBD oil must be added to pet food twice a day. The dosage should be continued for a week or two weeks for best results.

My experience

At first, I was a bit hesitant to use the product as is the case with any new product, but in the very first week of treatment, she was noticeably happier and calmer. The trigger sounds that once used to set her into frenzies such as thunder, honking, and alarms, seemed to have next to no impact on her.

What I particularly liked about using King Kalm CBD Oil on Lizzie is that it did not make her nauseous or dizzy when she consumed it. She also showed no inclination to vomit or pass stool more than necessary after being made to consume this CBD oil over two weeks. Her health and immunity system remained completely unaffected in any adverse way by this CBD oil and she became far calmer and composed than she had been before.

#2. King Kanine’s King Kalm Balm

King Kanine Review
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Product Features

  • The King Kalm Balm is made with completely natural and safe ingredients.
  • The balm is made of CBD oil, Coconut oil, natural beeswax, and Manuka honey
  • Coconut oil will moisturize the skin of your four-legged friend if he or she is suffering from dry skin or chapped lips
  • Beeswax prevents moisture to touch the skin during rains or snowy conditions
  • Moisturizes dry and parched skin in an instant
  • Free from side effects
  • Made of natural ingredients only

How to Administer

The King Kanine calm balm is a product that needs to be topically applied. The best way to use this is to scoop out a generous amount of this balm cream and apply it over the skin of the pet in a gentle fashion. The balm needs to be massaged over the pet’s skin in the round, circular motion so that it gets evenly applied all over. The King Kanine Kalm Balm should be used twice a day over two weeks for best results.

My experience

Lizzy inevitably develops skin rashes and boils as she loves playing outside now. I decided to try King Kanine’s King Kalm Balm for her rashes. The balm started showing results, though I applied it twice daily instead of the recommended once daily. It took around 2-3 days for the rashes to completely disappear. Now I make sure to apply the Balm once every 3-4 days as a safety measure.

While Lizzie’s rashes had cured considerably after applying the King Kanine Kalm Balm on her, what also pleased me about this new CBD oil product is that it did not generate any internal discomfort in her while curing her of her rashes. Lizzie showed no signs of wanting to vomit. Neither did she feel restless or agitated in any way. She also showed no signs of feeling addicted to this balm and did not miss it, after I refrained from applying it on her after two weeks.

#3. King Kanine’s King Kalm Crunch

King Kanine Review
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King Kanine recommends King Kalm Crunch if your pet is having eating problems or is losing their appetite. The cookie is first baked in low temperature and then dehydrated.

Product Features

  • A Phytocannabinoid rich cookie
  • Each bag contains 20-25 cookies
  • Omega 3 fats and vitamins, these cookies are made with completely natural and organic ingredients
  • Free from dangerous chemicals
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Keeps anxiety away
  • Gluten free
  • Cures appetite problems in pets and induces hunger in an instant
  • Completely devoid of side effects
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages

How to Administer

The King Kalm Krunch by King Kanine is a CBD oil product that comes in the form of a cookie. It needs to be administered by being fed to a dog, in the same way, that one would feed it a biscuit. Pets should be made to have two to three of these phytocannabinoid rich cookies three times daily for best results.

My experience

When Lizzy loses her appetite or is fussy with her food, I give her these treats along with her normal diet and there is a considerable improvement in her appetite. She regains her normal appetite in two-three days and goes back to her being her old self. It can be used as a daily as part of an overall health and wellness program.  The cookies are gluten free and are very tasty so Lizzy would enjoy them thoroughly. The cookies also helped tremendously when it came to easing her anxiety attacks owing to the presence of phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil. I used to give Lizzy a lesser dose i.e. one cookie per day to improve her general immunity and situational anxiety.

What I really liked about using King Kalm Krunch for Lizzie is that it went really well with her regular diet. Since I made Lizzie consume this biscuit alongside her regular meals, I was slightly apprehensive about whether it would trigger adverse reactions in her system. It did not. Lizzie was hale and hearty after being treated to one biscuit a day, daily along with her normal meals. Her hunger had expanded, her anxiety was gone and all this was achieved without her feeling even the slightest pain and discomfort.

#4. King Kanine’s King Kalm Soothe

King Kalm Soothe
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Product Features

  • Composed of natural ingredients only
  • Suitable for dogs of every skin type
  • Available in small, well packaged, round shaped containers


  • Provides animals with instant relief from skin irritations and dermal fungus
  • Has a soothing impact when applied over itchy dry skin or over cuts and bruises

How to Administer

King Kalm Soothe by King Kanine is a balm that needs to be applied topically. A small amount of the balm needs to be applied over the affected parts of the pet’s paws, or other parts of the body that are infected or injured. King Kalm Soothe should be applied two to three times a day for an entire week for effective results.

My Experience

Lizzie recently injured herself when she took on two other dogs in the neighborhood, at a time when I had to take her out for her daily morning walk. The other two dogs being far stronger than she was, ended up injuring her pretty badly and there were cuts and bite marks all over Lizzie’s paws and even legs. Lizzie was yelping in pain by the time I had managed to get the other two dogs to retreat and wouldn’t stop crying even after I took her home.

After examining Lizzie’s wounds with care, I thought of giving my best friend Janice a call, to ask her what I should do in this situation. Janice is a vet and while I could have taken Lizzie to a doctor myself, I wanted to give her some immediate relief to get her to calm down. It was Janice who then suggested that I try using King Kanine’s soothing balm known as King Kalm Soothe to help Lizzie out.

After considering Janice’s advice, I applied small amounts of the King Kalm Soothe over the injured parts of Lizzie’s paws and legs and noticed instantly that the balm had a calming impact on her. Lizzie was initially reluctant to let me touch her but agreed to do so after much coaxing and cajoling. As I rubbed the pain balm over her affected paws and legs, Lizzie became quiet she stood still and did not cry out in pain even once. She fell asleep within half an hour of me applying the soothing balm on her.

From the evening on, Lizzie’s pain had started to vanish. She was quiet and composed and slept a lot. I applied the King Kalm soothing balm on her for a few days more, and after five days had passed, Lizzie’s wounds had vanished into thin air. The King Kanine soothing balm had worked its magic on Lizzie and that too without triggering any adverse skin reactions or causing her to feel agitated in any way.

#4. King Kanine’s KING KOMB

Buy King Kanine’s KING KOMB Review

King Komb is probably one of the most successful products by King Kanine. It is a comb that makes it easy for you to de-shed your pet.

Product Features

  • Self Cleaning retractable shedding edges
  • Ergonomic design makes de-shedding comfortable and easy
  • Helps reduce shedding and allergenic dander
  • Facilitates the removal of loose hair from the top coat and undercoat
  • Rubber bristles excellent for massage & dermal stimulation for a healthy coat
  • Use for shampooing or massaging in essential or topical oils
  • Designed by pet passionate dog owners
  • Does not cut your pet’s fur

My Experience

I have been using the conventional comb to remove extra hair from Lizzy’s fur coat. So when the last comb had lost most of its bristles, I thought I’ll get the KING KOMB and add to the King Kanine Review.

So the KING KOMB is actually quite a significant upgrade from my last comb. This one is simply amazing to use. The hair doesn’t get caught up in the brush and can be removed easily at once. Also, I could tell that Lizzy couldn’t feel a thing, compared to the other combs which used prick her.

All in all, it is a good buy. They have released a mini version of the KOMB for smaller dogs.

How safe is King Kalm CBD for my dog?

King Kanine is undoubtedly one of the best quality CBD brand available in the market. It has worked wonders for our family, especially for Lizzy. She is now a very active dog who likes to run around in the house all the time.

King Kanine products are made from natural and organic ingredients which they claim was formulated by experienced nutritionists and pharmacists.  All the products are third-party tested for safety and dosage accuracy, and there are official reports and certification present on their website. This kind of transparency gave me the confidence to choose this brand over the others. You can start small and gradually increase the dosage until you find your sweet spot.

How will it benefit my dog?

King Kanine can help your dog just like it helped Lizzy. Only in 2 days, I could see a significant change in her condition.

Many dogs also suffer from panic attacks, depression and situational anxiety caused by separation from owners, car travel or sudden loud noises. If your pet as any of those then I would recommend King Kalm CBD to you.

Additionally, I feel King Kalm’s CBD oil helps in improving Lizzie’s appetite. People have also reported that their oil has been effective with their pets who suffer from chronic pain due to inflammation or arthritis.

Are there any side effects?

When all natural ingredients are involved in the creation of a product, the chances of side effects rarely occur. This is what impressed me the most in King Kanine CBD. It is made entirely of natural ingredients such as natural hemp extract, Omega 3 rich krill oil and lavender for therapeutic effect.

Other King Kanine products like the King Kalm cookies and balm are made with ingredients such as vitamins, omega 3 oils, beeswax, honey, tea tree oil coconut oil, and the likes. King Kalm CBD is gluten-free so dogs allergic to gluten can reap the benefits of this product thoroughly.

As is evident from Lizzie’s case, the side effects of King Kanine’s different products are quite negligible. I did not see Lizzie suffering from bad health or issues like a bad stomach, racy heart or awful skin reactions after being treated with King Kanine’s CBD oil products.

Where can you Buy King Kalm CBD Products?

You can head straight to their website: to check out their range of CBD products.

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King Kanine Testimonial

Final thoughts

King Kanine CBD products are effective. They have worked for many pet owners including for me. Out of at least 2-3 CBD Brands that I have tried, King Kanine has been the most effective for Lizzy. I would suggest you try it out.

What is really remarkable about the King Kanine CBD oil products is that this show results in a very quick time span. The CBD oil products that I used for Lizzie showed their effects within just a few hours of application. King Kanine CBD oil products provide instant relief from painful conditions, bad health, anxiety, stress, and other health problems while keeping pets safe from undesirable side effects at the same time. These CBD oil products can thus be used as many times as needed in order to keep the health of a pet dog in good shape all around the year.