Mana Artisan Botanics Review | Coupon [2020]

Hey there! My name is Jenny and I am back again with yet another review of a CBD Brands. A few months ago I had been reading reviews about a brand known as Mana Artisan Botanics. However I couldn’t find a coupon code to get a discount. So I have attached a coupon a the bottom for you guys.

After several weeks of using it, I now present my review of Mana Artisan Botanics, to share my experience. I am a married middle aged woman, living with my husband, two daughters and our pet dog, Lysander. I took the opportunity to use the hemp oil products offered by Mana Artisan Botanics to give to my pet as well as my family members. The hemp oil worked wonders on every single one of us.

About Mana Artisan Botanics

Mana Artisan Botanics is a company that has more than twenty years of experience in the production of medical cannabis. The main priority of the company is to create phytocannabinoid rich products that are designed specifically for supporting the endocannabinoid system. The company emphasizes its support for local economy when formulating hemp CBD products. The company hopes that soon, Mana Artisan Botanics will be able to engage in the production of sustainably grown organic hemp on its own farms, where currently products are being formulated using the organic hemp oil that is sourced from Colorado.

Some of the core features of Mana Organic Products, as mentioned on their website are as follows

  • Highly specialized and Hawaiian grown ingredients used in the manufacture of CBD hemp oil products
  • Creativity, ethics and dedication used in producing CBD hemp oil of high quality
  • Intensive evaluation and quality assessment methods in place to ensure that only CBD hemp oil of top quality is produced.

As Mana Artisan Botanics takes immense pride in the high quality ingredients that it uses to make its hemp oil products, the Hawaiian grown hemp oil will simply be yet another feather in its cap.

Now to cut to the chase, here is my own personal review of the hemp oil products offered by Mana Artisan Botanics.

#1. Hawaiian Herbal Hemp Balm

Mana Artisans Botanics Hemp Balm
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Product Features

  • Made of unrefined and organic coconut oil
  • Ensures topical cannabidiol application that reaches the receptors in the skin and in the sub-dermal tissues directly, thereby impacting inflammation, pain and itching
  • Synergistic combination comprised of conventional Hawaiian wound mending herbs, that help in minimizing chronic and acute pain, eczema, tissue damage and swelling

How to Administer

The Hawaiian Herbal Hemp Balm needs to be topically applied in order for its effects to be felt. Just apply a small amount of the balm over the painful or swollen part of your body and you would feel a massive relief in about 4-5 minutes. You may use it twice daily, once in the morning and once before going to sleep (like I do), or just once in the morning. The pain should be gone completely by the 4th day.

What My Experience Was Like

I decided to try out the Hawaiian Herbal Hemp Balm after suffering from repeated bouts of nausea of late. I had decided to stop taking my CBD Oil dose for around 3 weeks before trying the Herbal Hemp Balm. However I had to start applying the Hemp Balm within 2nd week as the my joint pain was already back and was giving me a lot of trouble. As my back and neck pain weren’t troubling me yet, I never thought of using it there. I had read quite a bit online about the wonderful healing impact that Hawaiian Herbal Hemp Balm,has on conditions like Arthritis and Inflammation and true enough, it worked beautifully for me as well. Since it is a topical application, I applied the Hawaiian Herbal Hemp Balm in circular motion over my elbows, shoulders and knees and then massaged them. Now I have had topical products in the past but Mana Botanics was probably the quickest and the most effective on application. I continued applying the Hemp Balm topically for 3 days straight and noticed the joint pains receding.

#2. Hawaiian Turmeric Hemp Oil 3X

Mana Artisans Botanics Turmeric Hemp Oil 3X
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Product Features

  • Powerful blend of phytocannabinoids that works quickly on inflammatory conditions owing to its antioxidant properties
  • Provides support for the endocannabinoid system
  • Needs to be regularly consumed alongside optimal lifestyle habits such as balanced diet, proper sleep and exercise

How to Administer

Put 3-4 drops in beverages like morning tea or coffee and consume it without worry. The oil will begin to show its impact almost immediately upon consumption.

What My Experience was like

My husband suffered from depression recently. There are still days when he is down and doesn’t feel like leaving for work. He has had some really good results with CBD Oil, so I asked him to try the Hawaiian Turmeric Hemp Oil 3X. I mixed a few drops of this oil with his morning cup of cappuccino and within an hour or two of having had the coffee he began to feel so relaxed and calm. Much of his stress and tension gave way to an inner feeling of peace and tranquility, he said. He also found that he was able to concentrate much better. He continued taking the Hawaiian Turmeric Hemp Oil with his morning cappuccino over the next few days and he has been waking up very energetic now.

#3. Hawaiian Hemp Oil Tincture

Mana Artisans Botanics Tincture
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Product Features  

  • Made of Hawaiian grown passion flower, raw Lehua honey and organic hemp that is rich in phytocannabinoids
  • Helps in curing compromised digestive systems by releasing beneficial constituents into the blood stream directly
  • High concentration of amino acid, flavonoid and alkaloid that helps in combating stress and strain

How to Administer

The Hawaiian Hemp Oil Tincture offered by Mana Artisan Botanics is best combined with hot drinks or beverages for consumption. A few drops of the Hawaiian hemp oil tincture can be added to a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate in the morning or in the evening for best results.

What My Experience was Like

Owing to a recent relationship breakup that my daughter went through,  she had become completely sleep deprived. Apart from becoming depressed and losing interest in the things that had once kept her so well engaged,  she found herself unable to go to sleep at night, remaining awake into the wee hours of the morning. Upon reading about and also hearing about the beneficial impact of Hawaiian hemp oil tincture, I decided to give this product a try and added a few drops to her morning tea one fine morning.

To my surprise, I  saw her feeling highly sleep induced within a few hours and she was able to take a restful nap that same afternoon. She continued consuming this tincture over the next one week and by the end of two weeks, her sleep problems had all but gone. She has now stopped using the Hemp Oil Tincture after finishing her first bottle as she doesn’t feel she needs it anymore.

#4. Hawaiian Hemp Honey

Mana Artisans Botanics Hemp Honey Review
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Product Features

  • Organic hemp extract that is rich in phytocannabinoids combined with Lehua honey that gives a rich creamy flavor and beautiful aroma
  • Acts as natural humectant by drawing moisture to skin and reducing sensitivity and redness that is caused due to dryness

How to Administer

The Hawaiian Hemp Honey is best consumed by adding a spoonful to your morning breakfast. It needs to be consumed on a regular basis for best results and is known to start showing its impact within just a few hours of consumption.

What My Experience was Like

In my small family of 3, junk food is quite prevalent. To say we have a sweet tooth, would be an undersatement by all means. Mana Botanics Hemp Honey seemed like the perfect alternative. Now the taste is actually pretty good, so much so that we have completely switched from all other bread spreads. However the best measure of success comes from the improved bowel movements, the zero farting or burping noises and resolved situations of constipation. So yes there has been a significant impact on your digestive systems and we are consuming the honey till this day. However it took at least 1 month for the impact to be felt. Additionaly, don’t considered the Hemp Honey to be very effective if you have serious pain or inflammation in your body. For such serious issues try the Tincture or their Oil.

#5. Hemp Pet Drops

Mana Hemp Pet Drops
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Product Features

  • Rich organic hemp extract that works quickly and easily to alleviate pain and reduce stress and strain in animals
  • Regular consumption is necessary for immediate results
  • No side effects for pets

How to Administer

I would recommend adding 3-4 drops of the Hemp Pet drops to your pets meal. You should start with just one meal and then work your way up.

What My Experience was Like

My dog Lysander is about eight years old now and suffers from terrible rheumatism. The poor guy was finding it tough to make his way from one room to the other, often groaning and moaning when doing so. I added some Hemp pet drops from Mana Artisan Botanics to his afternoon meals. Within a few days of doing so, I noticed a change in his behavior. He started sighing and moaning a lot less, his movements seemed way more agile than before and there was even an indication of a spring in his step. The Hemp pet drops were working and were working well at that!

How to buy Mana Artisan Botanics products

All Hawaiian hemp oil products offered by Mana Artisan Botanics can be bought from their website

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Final Thoughts

The hemp oil products from by Mana Artisan Botanics products have helped my family and me. In my experience. they are effective for stress, pain alleviation and for curing digestion and inflammation. By now I have tried multiple CBD Brands, but I would still recommend Mana Botanics to all.