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My experience with Purity Petibles

My 14 year old golden retriever Daisy, suffers from epileptic seizures and has pain and inflation in her knees. Initially, the vet recommended Ibuprofen, but her condition hardly improved. Since I have been using CBD Oil for my chronic pain, I had started giving Daisy CBD as well. The decision was right, and she has been doing everything she used to like a 4 year old since.

Before starting with Purity Petibles I had stopped giving Daisy her CBD dosage for 2 weeks. I could see the pain pulling her down again. After a week, the seizures were back. Though I had planned to keep her off CBD for 3 weeks before trying Purity Petibles, I couldn’t bear her suffering.

So I got the Full Spectrum HEMP Oil Pet CBD Tincture 300mg from them. While I had wanted to go for the Pet Hemp Treats, they were Out Of Stock with those.

Within 1 hour of the first dose Daisy was back on her feet, running around, playing with my other pets. I felt she was even better than she has been ever before.

The biggest surprise was when my neighbours saw Daisy running around, they too ordered the 300mg tincture from Purity Petibles. Now both Daisy and Max (their dog) get their share of CBD from Purity Petibles.

About Purity Petibles

Their website mentions that the founder gave his sick and ailing dog CBD and the results motivated him to start Purity Petibles.

#1. Hemp Oil Pet CBD Tincture

Purity Petibles Hemp Oil Pet CBD Tincture
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Their CBD Tincture has 300mg of CBD. Unfortunately, they don’t offer more potent CBD variants or larger quantity bottles.

Still, Tinctures are my preferred method of taking CBD. The primary reason is I can administer the dosage unlike for chewable or vape which are difficult to administer.

My experience

After giving my dog Pure Petibles CBD Oil Tincture for about a month I was surprised to see how effective their TInctures really are. I had still have some left over tincture from the last time, but I have never felt going back. Though I was a little apprehensive before starting with a relatively new brand like Purity Petibles, I am now glad that I tried it.

Their Tincture has Coconut Oil, Non GMO Sunflower Lecithin and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.
Their Tincture has some traces of THC too, though it is next to nothing.

I have now found out that that Purity Petibles is used by many other pet owners too. The tincture has benefitted a dog with diabetes.


Daisy has been on Purity Petibles for the past 2 months now. I give her two doses, one in the morning and one in the evening. A total of 20 drops each time or one full dropper.

After around 1 month with their tincture, I decide to try their Hemp Treats.

#2. Hemp Pet Treats

Purity Petibles Review Hemp Pet Chews
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My experience

Purity Petibles has the best CBD Treats for pets. My pets are in love with these. I had to mix the CBD Oil with my dog’s food but I can give them the Hemp Treats whenever I want, and they’ll keep wagging their tails asking for more.

However the amount of CBD that you get for the Hemp Treats is not as great as the with the Tincture bottles. Still Purity Petibles Treats have one of the highest CBD content when compared to other Hemp based treats in the market.

The CBD to price ratio is 6.52 for Purity Petibles Hemp Treats. Also their Treats have 0 THC.


I would recommend giving your pet ½ to 1 treat per day if they are 25 pounds or less. Also 1-2 treats per day should do the trick for a pet more than 25 pounds.

#3. CBD Capsules

Purity Petibles Hemp Oil Pet CBD Tincture
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My experience

Though I have never given Purity Petibles CBD Capsules on my dog, my neighbors have switched to giving their dog Purity Petibles CBD Capsules. They say it is easy to administer as there is no chance of overdosing.

The Capsule bottle has 1 mg CBD in every capsule, and the bottle comes with 30 capsules. So you get 300 mg per bottle. The CBD per dollar ratio comes out to be 6, which is again a decent number.


They are giving their Labrador 1 capsule per day, so even if you have a larger dog, 1 capsule per day should be sufficient. If you have a smaller dog, then you should start your way up from half a capsule until you find the sweet spot.

#4. High Dose Syringe

Purity Petibles Hemp Oil Pet CBD High Dose Syringe
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Purity Petibles highest dosage product is their High Dosage Syringe. The syringe holds 15 ml of CBD Oil Tincture which contains 1000 mg of CBD. This high dosage is recommended of you have a large pet and the low dosage tincture isn’t getting you results. The CBD to dollar ratio is 10 mg per dollar which is the best that they offer.

As this high concentration product comes with a syringe, it is remarkably easy to administer the dosage.

My experience

I decided to give it a try for my Great Dane Lucy. Now lucy is only 6 years old, but she has eating problems and autoimmune disease. I have always given her high concentration CBD Oils and therefore I decided to try Purity Petibles high dosage syringe with her.

Lucy was without CBD for 2 weeks before I gave her this high dosage oil. She had started losing her appetite. The Hemp treats have a lighter dose, so I gave her a small dose of the Syringe Oil. And Lucy was back to her old ways. She regained her normal appetite by the next day and has been eating normally since. As for her Autoimmune disease, I tend to forget it until the vet reminds me about it.

The high dosage syringe is the most potent and effective product from Purity Petibles.


1 ml should be more than sufficient for a large pet. If you have a smaller pet, I would recommend going for 0.5 ml.

Why Purity Petibles

Manufactured in the USA: Their CBD products are 100% organic and are produced in Colorado.

Third Party Lab Tested: They get their products lab tested through third party.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee: All products purchased from the site are simply the best and the manufacturers are confident of their quality. In case you are not satisfied, you can always avail the 6-day money back guarantee.

Excellent Customer Support: The customer support provided is prompt, answers all your queries and solves your problems as soon as possible

Value For Money

Purity Petibles Hemp Oil Tincture gives you 7.5 mg CBD per dollar, their Hemp Treats have 6.52 CBD per dollar and the Capsules contain 6 mg CBD per dollar. But the High Dosage Syringe is at 10 mg CBD per dollar which is a great deal.

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Final Thoughts

I would strongly recommend Purity Petibles for your pet. It has been 2 months since I switched to their CBD products and I am still using them for my pets. Check out there their store here.