Quant Vapor Review and Coupon [15% Off]

Hello everyone. This is Jenny, and I am back once again with an exciting new review. While I normally use and review CBD oil products quite extensively, primarily because I love using CBD and have benefited greatly from its, as have my family and even my pet dog, Lysander, the product that I am going to review today is Quant Vapor. This is not composed of CBD oil or hemp oil but is a related product in the sense that it lets its users inhale high quality vapor, derived from dry flower or dry wax, to feel a sense of peace and calm and to be anxiety free. Before I tell you my personal experience upon using Quant Vapor, let me give you some brief insights about the company first.

About Quant Vapor

Quant Vapor Review
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Quant Vapor is a premium supplier of high quality dry wax and dry flower vapor, that comes packed in a beautiful container of a walnut finish. Quant Vapor has designed its product to be compatible with any and every person who is above eighteen years of age and it can be safely used even by people who suffer from inherent allergic conditions. Quant Vapor has kept its vaporizer priced as reasonably as possible so that it is within the reach of most rather than just a few. Quant Vapor guarantees few to zero side effects for its remarkable new vaporizer and makes it readily available online for purchase.

Some of the core features of the vaporizer manufactured by Quant Vapor are as follows :

  • The vaporizer is of a compact size and design
  • It contains dry flower concentrate and dry wax concentrate for those who like to sniff on either one of these or both, to get a high
  • It uses the convection heat production system with heating time taking only a few seconds
  • The battery life of the vaporizer is quite powerful, lasting for 40 minutes at a time without being charged
  • The vaporizer is available primarily in two colors, that is the Nero Marquina Black Marble finish and the Walnut Wood finish

Quant Vapor takes plenty of pride in the quality of the vape that it makes available to its customers and uses the best ingredients always for its manufacture. Without wasting more time, let reveal one by one, the many exciting features that are associated with the Quant Vapor vaporizer.



Quant Vapor Review

Unboxing the Quant Vaporizer does not take much time at all. The vaporizer comes beautifully packaged in a pretty black box and is usually of either a walnut wood finish or a black marble finish. The image on the front of the box is the same as that of the product itself so customers get to know exactly what they are about to use even before taking the vaporizer out of its box. The Quant Vapor delivery box contains the following:

Quant Vapor Review

  • A single quartz tank that is used for burning the wax
  • An additional silicone mouthpiece that is to be used when a person is vaping on dry wax instead of dry flower or dry herb
  • A single piece 2 in 1 vaporizer that has an elegant and classy look
  • A cleaning brush
  • A packing tool along with a set of tweezers
  • A USB cable

The vaporizer itself is rather sophisticated in appearance and its compact size ensures that it can be held in the hand rather easily. The silicone mouthpiece that accompanies the vaporizer at the time of delivery provides a cooling effect on all the heat that brews inside of the body at the time of inhaling the vape, allowing the vape to be inhaled as comfortably and as easily as possible.

Size and Design

What makes the Quant vaporizer is a really interesting product to own is its unique size and design. It can be kept inside a trouser pocket and taken around from one place to another quite easily. The vaporizer features a number of highly responsive and well spaced buttons on its side in addition to a clear and large LED display at the top, which reveals the battery charge remaining and the temperature of the vaporizer.

Temperature Setting, Vapor Quality and Heating

The Quant vaporizer works on the convection heating method and it is a product that is known to heat up pretty quickly. Once the vaporizer is activated, it is capable of heating up the dry wax or the dry flower that it contains, in a matter of just a few seconds. The quality of the vapor is also pretty great and this is especially the case for the dry flower vapor that is produced out of the dry flower concentrate contained in the vaporizer. It is best to use the vaporizer at a mid temperature range if one intends on inhaling high quality dry herb vapor all of the time. The dry wax vapor quality can also turn out to be very high if the temperature settings of the vaporizer are high. In other words, the higher the temperature, the better will be the quality of the vapor that is inhaled.

How to Administer Quant Vapor

Using the Quant vaporizer is quite easy. If inhaling dry herb vapor, the mouthpiece will have to be removed after which the heating chamber can be located right underneath. This heating chamber can be filled with the dry herb concentrated after which the mouthpiece needs to be placed back on. The power button will have to be pressed five times to switch on the vaporizer. The temperature can then be set after using the necessary control buttons and the vapor can be inhaled after the perfect temperature setting has been located.

If it is dry wax that is being inhaled, the silicone cap will first have to be removed from the vaporizer tank after the mouthpiece has been removed. The dry wax concentrate can then be dabbed into the vapor tank, and the silicone cap put back on once again, prior to replacing the mouthpiece and placing the cap in the chamber. The inhalation of dry wax concentrate is similar to inhaling dry flower concentrate. It is only the process of removing and inserting the quartz tank that can prove to be rather difficult and it is for this that the tweezers which accompany the vaporizer at the time of its delivery need to be used.

Battery Life

The Quant vaporizer will have to be charged for at least ninety minutes if it is to be used for continuous inhalation over forty minutes. The downside of the battery charging process is that the vaporizer cannot be used at the time of being charged.


The Quant Vaporizer needs to be kept free from dust and dirt particles using the single cleaning brush that comes with the product in its box. The brush needs to be first dipped into some alcohol solution and then gently dabbed inside the quartz tank and the heating chamber to remove all the dry wax and dry herb residues and consequently provide for a high quality and healthy vaping experience.

What My Experience was Like

The Quant Vaporizer is a product that I had been reading about with intrigue on the internet for quite some time before I decided to go ahead and buy it. My love for CBD products knows no bounds and I always make it a point to try out the latest CBD brands in the market, to see how well these work for me and for those who are close to me. When I read about the Quant Vaporizer, I felt eager to try it out as the vaping process seemed fairly uncomplicated to me and I also wanted to see how easily this vaporizer could calm my senses and keep me free from anxiety in much the same way that CBD products could.

After buying the Quant Vaporizer, it took me some time to get used to using the inhaler. The CBD products that I normally use either have to be consumed or topically applied, and using a CBD vaporizer was not something that I did too often. Once I got to understand how the vaporizer was to be heated and used, it became quite easy for me to take regular whiffs from it every single day. I felt a sense of tranquility and calmness take over my body, every time I inhaled a bit of the dry flower vapor. It resulted in me feeling happy and at peace for the most part of the day and gave me the mental boost that I needed to carry out my day to day activities without complaining.

Trying out the dry wax vapor was a bit problematic for me at first as I had to use tweezers to dab the dry wax concentrate into the heating chamber first and then inhale. The impact that the dry wax vapor had on me was not too different from that of dry flower. This vapor also uplifted my mood considerably and suddenly made me realize that I could be a worry free person and that I did not need to let the stress and strain of life bog me down.

I did not experience dire consequences or side effects upon using the Quant Vaporizer. There was no uneasiness or discomfort that I suffered from upon using it even after inhaling the vapor every single day for a period of two weeks. I am happy to admit that the Quant Vapor succeeded in keeping my anxiety levels under control and worked quicker than some of the CBD products that I use to combat and deal with stress.

Since the Quant Vaporizer worked quite well on me, I also made my younger daughter try it out the night before a crucial school exam. Those who read my blog often will know that she is easily prone to anxiety and can let it keep her from doing well in life. While I treat her anxiety with CBD products quite regularly, I was hoping the Quant Vaporizer would have a quicker impact on her. I was proved right. As soon as my younger daughter took a few whiffs of the dry flower concentrate, she appeared to be in a better mood and was not fretting as much as she had prior to inhalation. I could also see that she was able to concentrate far better on her studies immediately after inhaling the dry flower vapor, and she later told me that she had been able to retain everything that she had studied that night and put it to good use during the exam.

I did not see my younger daughter suffering from adverse physical or mental side effects either, after using the Quant dry flower vapor. I am thus convinced, that Quant Vapor is one of the best products to use today, to cure stress and anxiety without the fear of getting addicted or suffering from dire side effects upon doing so.

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How to Buy the Quant Vaporizer

The Quant 2 in 1 vaporizer can be bought from the official website of the company www.QuantVapor.com. The price of the vaporizer is fairly affordable and it is of either a black marble or walnut wood finish.

Final Thoughts

The Quant Vaporizer is as good as many of the CBD products in the market for curing stress and preventing the onset of anxiety. I am personally quite happy with my use of Quant dry flower vape and have seen this to work rather well on my younger daughter too. The vaporizer needs to be used two to three times in a day for at least fourteen days at a stretch for best results, and the temperature settings need to be adequately controlled for the vaping experience to be a comfortable one.