Receptra Naturals Review and Coupon [2020]

Hello! This is Jenny here again with yet another interesting CBD review. I am fond of trying new and popular CBD products and judging there effectiveness on my family and pets. CBD has helped me a lot, and therefore I am here to spread awareness about it’s effectiveness.

Receptra Naturals is one such CBD Brand. It is extremely popular and has quite a dedicated following. Here is a brief overview of Receptra Naturals

About Receptra Naturals


Receptra Naturals engages in the production of high quality hemp oil that is extracted using licensed extraction facilities from premium hemp flower. The hemp flower is grown in large numbers in family farms based in the American state of Colorado. Receptra Naturals makes use of organic growing practices for creating pure and fresh CBD oil, which in turn, is submitted always for testing by a third party. The third party test results are shared with customers so as to ensure complete transparency about the hemp oil production process and also about the different products manufactured by Receptra Naturals.

  • All the plants that are grown in the Colorado farms are hand picked prior to being used for hemp extraction.
  • The plants are grown with care and dedication so that it is only the highest quality hemp that is used for the manufacture of CBD oil.
  • The third party testing process of Receptra Naturals gives the company the scope to be fully honest with its customers about the ingredients contained in each and every one of its products.
  • It is only the cannabinoids that are contained in the hemp flower, that are extracted to produce top quality CBD oil, with the plant’s stalks and seeds being dispensed with at the outset of the extraction process.

Receptra Naturals takes a huge pride in the quality of hemp oil products that it makes available to its customers. Without further ado, let me know provide you with my take on some of Receptra Naturals’ CBD products.

#1. Receptra Health and Wellness Oils

Receptra Health and Wellness Oils
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Product Features

  • Available in two different concentrations , Prime (22 mg) and Plus (44 mg)
  • Made of pure quality hemp
  • Works as a natural defense against any threat to the nervous system and to the immune system
  • Stimulates human endocannabinoid system

How to Administer

The Recpetra Naturals Health and Wellness CBD oil products, both Prime and Plus need to be administered with the help of a dropper. It needs to be held under the tongue for about fifteen to thirty seconds after which it needs to be swallowed. The amount must be slowly increased on a daily basis until and unless the sweet spot is discovered. Adults can consume a dose of 1 full dropper, that is, approximately, 27 drops one to three times in a day.

What My Experience was Like

The Receptra Naturals Health and Wellness CBD Oil products, Prime and Plus are meant essentially for advanced wellness. While I have not tried this out on myself, my sister used it to boost her son’s immune system considerably. My nephew, Jonathan, is sixteen years of age and he had been suffering from the common cough and cold for six months at a stretch. My sister and her husband took him to see more than one doctor to cure the problem and he had his usual dose of antibiotics, but the cough and cold appeared to be recurrent, resurfacing after a month or two of disappearing completely. While my sister herself is not a regular consumer of CBD oil products, she has seen me and my daughters particularly, benefit a good deal from their consumption. I suggested that she use the Receptra Naturals Health and Wellness CBD oils to help Jonathan fight his common cold problem, after reading about the product online quite extensively. Based on what I had read, I suggested that she try out Prime first, and if that did not work, to proceed to Plus. She did as I recommended, and reported within a week that Jonathan had been feeling much better. He continued taking a daily dose of Receptra Naturals Health and Wellness Prime for a period of three months, and claims not to have experienced even a whiff of the common cold anymore. The Receptra Naturas Health and Wellness Prime CBD oil not only worked wonders in boosting Jonathan’s immune system and rid him of persistent health issues like the common cold but it also made him more relaxed and stress free. What I need to mention here is that Jonathan is a boy who is easily prone to anxiety and it takes a lot to keep him calm and unnerved, especially in trying situations. My sister excitedly told me how the common cold appeared to be no longer a health issue for Jonathan, and how he was also being able to focus much better on his school work than before, largely due to the calming effect that this marvelous CBD oil had on his nervous system.

#2. Receptra Active Lifestyle Oil

Receptra Active Lifestyle
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Product Features

  • Ensures optimal physical and mental performance
  • Proprietary blend of recovery enhancing and all natural performance enhancing ingredients
  • Available in three different concentrations, Elite (30 mg), Active (15 mg) and Pro (60 mg)
  • Keeps a person focused and energized throughout the day
  • Cures fatigue, mental stress and soreness

How to Administer

The Receptra Naturals Active Lifestyle CBD Oil needs to be applied with the help of a dropper. A few drops of this CBD oil must be held under the tongue for fifteen to thirteen seconds and then swallowed. The amount needs to be gradually increased on a daily basis until the sweet spot is discovered. Adults can take a full dose of this CBD oil with the help of a dropper one to three times in a day, for best results.

What My Experience Was Like

The Receptra Naturals Active Lifestyle CBD oil products caught my interest when I was reading up on this brand one evening. I was intrigued upon reading how this particular CBD oil product was capable of energizing the body to ensure optimal physical performance and how it could easily combat fatigue and tiredness in a person and that too immediately upon consumption. That I use CBD oil products at home on a regular basis is a fact well established, and since my younger daughter is prone to fatigue and tiredness, primarily because of her depressive state of mind, I make her consume CBD oil very frequently to keep her in good physical and mental shape. The quick turnaround time of the Receptra Naturals Active Lifestyle CBD oil that I read about made it want to try this out on my daughter, hoping it would work better for her than the CBD oil that I was presently making her use. I was not disappointed. After giving my younger daughter a dose of Receptra Naturals Active (15 mg) CBD oil three times a day, for three days at a stretch, I was able to witness a change in her demeanor. My younger daughter proved to be far more feisty and spirited than she had been prior to being dosed with the Receptra Naturals Active Lifestyle CBD oil. She has more energy now to focus on her academic work, even after coming back home from school and has not complained when asked to perform essential chores around the house. Seeing this change in her within just three days of making her take the Receptra Naturals Active Lifestyle CBD oil has fully affirmed my faith in this product, for good. The CBD oil dose continues now on a daily basis and my younger daughter is happier and more energetic than ever. I also did not see her suffer from any adverse side effects after making her try out this CBD oil. The Receptra Naturals Active CBD Oil appears to be fully compatible with her physical constitution and has made her a cheerful and physically active person now, brimming with energy always.

#3. Receptra Topical & Butter

Receptra Naturals Topicals
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Product Features

  • Targets muscle irritation and pain in the joints instantly
  • Naturally scented with a yang yang and jasmine odor that soothes the mind and the senses
  • Strengthens and protects the skin
  • Non psychoactive, non addictive and non toxic
  • Keeps stress levels under control

How to Administer

The Receptra Naturals Targeted Topicals like body butter need to be massaged onto the skin on a daily basis or as and when needed. It should be applied over irritated joint areas and muscles for quick results. The Receptra Naturals Targeted Topicals is suitable for all skin types and it is meant for external use only.

What my Experience was like

While I have been using CBD oil products for quite some time now, I have not till date had the opportunity to use a topical product on myself or on any of my family members. So when I read about the Receptra Naturals Targeted Topicals online, it caught my interest. Then upon having a conversation with a dear friend two days after reading about this product online, I came to know about its use and effectiveness as well, making me want to try it out at some point or the other, more than ever. My friend Margaret has a daughter who is in her pre-teens, and who is prone to suffering from inflammatory conditions quite a bit. She is easily prone to joint aches and pains and has been diagnosed with an early stage of rheumatism, with heavy medication being prescribed for her condition, most of which does not seem to do her much good. Margaret had been quite worried about her daughter’s condition for quite some time now and had reached out to me and to a few of our common friends for solutions to the problem. It appeared that the medications recommended by doctors often worsened her daughter’s pain further instead of doing her any good. Although I did not personally recommend that she use Receptra Naturals Targeted Topicals to cure her daughter’s skin condition I was told by her during our discussion over the phone that another friend of hers had suggested that she try and use this to see if it would worked. Margaret appeared to quite pleased with the product’s effectiveness, telling me that her daughter’s joint pains and aches had subsided considerably after applying the Receptra Naturals Targeted Topical cream for six to seven days at a stretch. The cream had not taken a long time to work and has cured her daughter of the immense joint pain that she was suffering from within a few days of its application. Margaret also told me how there were no side effects like skin eruptions or rashes that she could witness after making her use the Receptra Naturals Targeted Topical cream. Her personal experience has made me convinced that I can put this product to use whenever I suffer from joint pains or if I see my husband or daughters suffering from the same without worrying about them suffering from adverse side effects upon doing so.

#4. Receptra Pet

Receptra Pet
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Product Features

  • Organic, vegan, NON GMO, daily health supplement
  • Good source of 6 fatty acids and Omega 3. Cats and dogs don’t produce these naturally and obtain them from other sources. A proper balance of these Omega fatty acids is necessary for ensuring steady living conditions internally in pets.
  • Has a calming natural effect on pets especially those who do not respond too well to new environments, separation from owner or loud noises.
  • Contains MCT oil that helps in balancing thyroid and can help sedentary or overweight dogs considerably.

How to Administer

The Receptra for Pets CBD oil has to be administered with the help of a dropper right into the mouth of the pet or into its food. It is good to start with just three to four drops on a daily basis at first, and then increase the dosage as required or until the desired results are achieved.

What My Experience was Like

Recently, my elder daughter picked up a stray homeless kitten on her way back home. We had planned to give it away for adoption.

The kitten was very hostile and scratched almost everyone in the house. While Lysander,my pet dog is being given CBD for some time which not only has proved effective for his arthritis and inflammation, but has also helped with his panic attacks and stress. After reading about Receptra for Pets online and the quick impact that it has on making animals calm in a new unfamiliar environment, I decided to help out the new family member.

After adding a few drops of Receptra for Pets into its milk for six days at a stretch, I started noticing a difference. The kitten became far more relaxed than she had been upon her arrival and even started warming up to Lysander. She did not mind being hand fed and after a few weeks, was even open to being cuddled. 

Clearly Receptra for Pets made her more calm and that opened her to getting to know us.

How to Buy Receptra Naturals CBD Oil

The CBD oil products that are manufactured by Receptra Naturals can be bought from the company’s official website

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Final Thoughts

I have used Receptra Naturals both extensively and regularly. It is effective and suits us the best. I have talked to others who have tried or are regular users of Receptra Naturals products and almost everyone says they love how effective they are. I would recommend you to try it.