SOL CBD Review and Coupon [2020]

Hey there everyone. This is Jenny, and I am here with an all new CBD review that you are sure to find interesting. I absolutely love using CBD products, as those of you who have been reading my blog for sometime will know. It is my passion to read about and use all the latest CBD products in the market as I have benefited greatly from using CBD. SOL CBD is a new brand that I have started reading about online of late and I have managed to try out a few of its products too. Before I provide you my insights about the Sol CBD products that I and my family have used, let me give you some idea about the company and its operations.


The SOL CBD Company was established by Oskana and Larry Ostrovsky, both of who claim to be advocates of natural health and wellness. They have been working in the health care industry for as many as eight years now and have authored several blogs and short pieces on personal development primarily for the purpose of preaching about health awareness and improving the lives of people.

Oskana and Larry Ostrovsky took the decision to embark on a business in CBD products right after experiencing the health benefits of CBD themselves. What Larry and Oskana Ostrovsky aim to do with their SOL CBD products is to remove the stigma that’s prevalent in society about the use of CBD and the use of cannabis in general and wish to give people every scope to make a difference to their lives by using CBD.

Some of the core features of the SOL CBD products are as follows –

    • Made of high quality organically grown hemp
    • C02 extraction methods used to manufacture cold processed CBD oil
    • No adverse side effects
    • Suitable for people of all ages
    • Does not require a prescription to be bought
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals like herbicides and pesticides or any other additives

SOL CBD takes a lot of pride and joy in the high quality CBD oil products that it makes available for customers to improve their physical and mental well being. Without wasting any more time, let me delve into some detailed insights regarding the SOL CBD products which I have personally used, and which I have known others to use.

#1. SOL CBD Oil

SOL CBD Review and Coupon

Product Features

    • Composed of water soluble and bio-available CBD as well as Ayurvedic herbs
    • Entirely natural in composition compared to other oil based CBD products in the market
    • Manufactured using the C02 extraction method
    • Easy to digest
  • Suitable for people of every age


    • Reduces anxiety
    • Capable of treating a wide range of disorders from obesity to schizophrenia
    • Can improve the quality of sleep
    • Boosts overall immunity function in the body
  • Reduces inflammation

How to Administer

SOL CBD is available in tincture packs of high concentration, and which deliver at least three times more than the usual dose of CBD. A few drops of the SOL CBD Oil need to be added over or below the tongue with the help of a dropper and then allowed to remain for fifteen to thirty seconds after which it can be swallowed. The SOL CBD Oil needs to be consumed three to four times in a day for a week or two for best results.

What My Experience was Like

Using CBD products is something that I do every now and then to keep my own health in shape and to boost the health of my family members as well. After reading about SOL CBD online, what piqued my interest about the SOL CBD Oil in particular was the fact that it could reduce obesity. This I found to be quite intriguing since the CBD products that I had been using thus far, and also the ones which my friends and associates were using, were those that were mostly used to treat only anxiety, stress, insomnia and pain. While SOL CBD Oil definitely attends to all of these problems, it also cures obesity by shrinking the fat cells in the body in a natural and healthy way.

Since my older daughter had been gaining a lot of weight of late and had been thinking about joining a fitness center to get back in shape, I decided to buy the SOL CBD Oil for her and make her try it out. After consuming the SOL CBD Oil for two and a half weeks, I saw her body weight beginning to reduce slowly. There were no obvious results that I could detect in the first seven days of use but after a couple of weeks, the results were more than evident. The area around my older daughter’s waist appeared to be lighter and smaller than what it was earlier and she was able to walk up and down the house and even run around without getting exhausted too easily. Within just two weeks, my older daughter had managed to shed a few extra pounds by taking SOL CBD Oil instead of spending long hours sweating it out at a gym.

Both my daughter and I were ecstatic about the weight loss results of using SOL CBD Oil, especially since its intake did not appear to trigger any adverse side effects either. My daughter did not complain about health problems like vomiting or indigestion after using SOL CBD Oil for weight loss, which made me all the more happy about buying this for her in the first place.

#2. SOL CBD Vape Oil

SOL CBD Vape Oil
Buy SOL CBD Vape Oil

Product Features

    • Made of CBD that is derived from organically grown hemp
    • High quality vape oil
  • Contains a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients


    • Helps in boosting mental health
    • Lowers anxiety levels
    • Improves the overall quality of sleep
    • Can be used with ease
    • Suitable for people of all ages
  • No adverse side effects

How to Administer

The SOL CBD vape oil needs to be consumed with the help of a vaporizer. Vaping can be a fun experience and the oil needs to be inhaled in the form of vapor for at least three to four times in a day and over a period of two or three weeks to get the desired results.

What My Experience was Like

My nephew Jonathan was suffering from bouts of anxiety a few weeks before his examinations. He and I share a close relationship and I was concerned about his situation when he told me about it. Since I use CBD products to treat my younger daughter’s anxiety and depression, my first inclination was to suggest that he use what she does to resolve his anxiety issues. Then I remembered, he could try the SOL CBD Vape Oil

Then I remembered reading about the SOL CBD Vape Oil online and the fact that it gives instantaneous results, immediately upon inhalation.

As Jonathan’s examinations were just around the corner, that is, a couple of weeks away, I recommended that he use the SOL CBD Vape Oil for some relief. He did as I suggested and reported after a week had passed that he was feeling a lot calmer and relaxed than he had been a week before. His anxiety levels had subsided and he was able to focus on his course content better. I told him to continue using the SOL CBD Vape Oil for yet another week, and by the time his examinations had approached, he was a confident young man ready to take on the world.’ The SOL CBD Vape Oil had worked wonders on him by inducing in him a sense of peace and calm and had kept his stress levels entirely at bay. Jonathan successfully appeared for his exams and was able to sit them without feeling the slightest doubt or anxiety.

What pleased me particularly about Jonathan’s account of using SOL CBD Vape Oil was that it had suited his physical constitution and had not triggered awful side effects like headaches and nausea as a result. The SOL CBD Vape Oil had not only reduced his stress and boosted his confidence but had also improved his physical and mental wellbeing overall.

#3. SOL CBD Herbal Balm

Buy SOL CBD Balm

Product Features

    • Loaded with anti-microbial and anti allergic components that avoid the scope of experiencing adverse side effects
    • Can be applied easily
  • Composed of twelve different ingredients such as lemon peel, grape seed oil, virgin andiroba oil as well as many others


    • Works quickly to improve skin, muscle and joint conditions
    • Can be safe to use for people of all ages
    • Free from harmful chemicals and pesticides
  • Shows results within just a few hours of use

How to Administer

The SOL CBD Pain Balm is to be applied by rubbing a generous amount of this over the painful and inflamed parts of the body. Its application is topical in nature and the balm will have to be applied for two to three times in a day at least for effective results.

What My Experience was Like

I suffer from joint pain and rheumatism for which I use CBD. I use a variety of CBD products to keep my body pain in check. I read online that the SOL CBD Pain Balm is immediately effective for pain reliefs. Though Topical products take time before showing results, proper application can reduce this time.

As soon as the Balm was delivered, I applied it around the hip area. There was a definite impact on the pain there. Also unlike other pain sprays or balm this had no burning sensation or itching. I applied the pain balm once in the morning and twice in the evening and by the end of the day, I found myself able to move around the house without feeling even the slightest bit of pain around my hips. What the SOL CBD Pain Balm did for me in just a few hours is what the other CBD pain relief products that I had been using, did for me upon two to three days of use. I was thus able to experience immediate and instant relief upon using SOL CBD Pain Balm, something that I had never imaged to be possible.

What I am particularly happy to report is that the SOL CBD Pain Balm did not have any adverse impact on my skin when used, in spite of being so effective at the same time. My skin did not break out in eruptions and neither did I experience any redness of skin.

#4. SOL CBD Tincture for Pets

SOL CBD Review
Buy SOL CBD Review

Product Features

    • Derived from hemp that is grown organically in plantations in Northern Europe
    • Extracted using the CO2 extraction method that ensures the preservation of all the benefits associated with cold processed oil
    • Doesn’t contain any added chemicals or solvents
  • Doesn’t trigger adverse side effects when used


    • Reduces anxiety and stress levels in pet dogs and cats
  • Makes pets less agitated than usual, especially in new and unfamiliar environments

How to Administer

The SOL CBD Oil Tincture for Pets must be administered by adding a few drops of this CBD oil to theirn favorite foods. This must be done at least two to three times in a day if immediate results are to be noticed.

What my Experience was Like

Those of you who read my blog regularly, know that I recently adopted a tiny little cat that one of my daughter’s brought home one day. Although the cat has warmed up to us pretty well and is being given CBD products quite often to keep her anxiety levels down, there are times when she gets a bit too stressed and agitated, especially when running around with my pet dog Lysander all over the house. After reading about the SOL CBD Oil Tincture for pets and its immediate effects, I decided to try this out on my cat to see if this would work on her. The other CBD products that I had been using for her were taking a week or two to reduce her anxiety completely, so I was hoping that this oil tincture would do the trick at one go.

True enough, after consuming a few drops of the SOL CBD Oil Tincture for Pets with her daily milk one day, I saw my cat retreat quietly to her basket in a corner of the house and get some restful sleep. She woke up later that afternoon, looking and acting more calm than she usually does and did not appear bothered even when provoked by Lysander into chasing him. I could see that the SOL CBD Oil Tincture for Pets was working well for her and did not see her succumb to adverse side effects either, thus proving the fact that the SOL CBD Oil Tincture for Pets is entirely safe and beneficial in nature.

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SOL CBD Guarantee Terms and Conditions

SOL CBD is a company that offers a money back guarantee for all of its products within a period of 60 days of use and without any questions being asked. It is important to note however, that the value of the refund does not contain the cost of shipping and handling of the SOL CBD products, so it is better to think twice really, before asking for a refund in the first place. The product will also have to be returned unused if a refund is claimed.

Final Thoughts

The SOL CBD products are definitely worth making use of because of the amazing and immediate benefits that these give when consumed or applied. The SOL CBD products stand out from other CBD products in the market because some of these can even be used for controlling weight gain and facilitating weight loss, while reducing stress, anxiety, pain and inflammation in just a few minutes. I am entirely happy with my experience of using SOL CBD products and intend on making full use of these for the longest time to come.

How to buy SOL CBD Products

The CBD oil capsules and other products manufactured by SOL CBD can be bought from the company’s official website which is While the prices tend to be a bit high, customers always get a diverse range of high quality CBD oil products to choose from.